How to drink a bowl of mung bean soup to clear away heat and relieve summer heat in the dog days?

I believe everyone’s memory of summer has a big iron barrel full of red-brown liquid. The canteen master went down with a spoonful and turned over a few beans before he suddenly realized: Oh, mung bean soup, a bowl!

I’d like to talk about mung bean soup while I’m just in my life.

Can mung bean soup really clear away heat and toxic materials?

Frankly speaking, there is some truth in [relieving summer heat], and [detoxifying] is exaggerated.

Mung bean soup is rich in polyphenol antioxidants, and the content of potassium and B vitamins is very high. It is simply a pure natural [vitamin mineral beverage].

Just think, in the scorching summer, everyone is sweating profusely and has little appetite. At this time, a bowl of cool mung bean soup can take away the heat all over the body, and at the same time, it can also provide rich antioxidants and B vitamins to supplement minerals lost due to sweat, which is comfortable!

Therefore, from the perspective of nutrition and health, drinking a bowl of mung bean soup in summer is really good, much more than ice cream and cola.

If you eat soup and beans together, mung beans can also be combined with many coarse cereals (such as Job’s tears and millet), which is a good staple food choice. Students who lose weight may as well eat instead of some rice, and their satiety is excellent.

However, rumors say that mung beans [relieve epigraphy, arsenic, vegetation and all kinds of poisons] are a bit exaggerated. If you have a headache and fever, you still have to go to the hospital.

In a word, drinking a bowl of mung bean soup in summer is quite good, but it has no magical effect.

Mung bean soup or [red] bean soup?

[Mung Bean] The name simply highlights the characteristic of this miscellaneous bean: green.

However, the color originally looked very cool, why did it turn red when the soup was cooked? Liar! Bad reviews!

In fact, mung beans are also very wronged. The soup cooked by others was indeed yellow-green.

However, because mung bean soup contains rich and active polyphenols, when the pH value (pH) is alkaline and meets oxygen and metal ions, polyphenols will undergo oxidation, polymerization and other reactions, becoming our common [pseudo red bean soup].

More importantly, in this process, the antioxidant capacity of mung bean soup is also declining, losing the boss!

At the end of the day, it is still the wrong way to cook mung bean soup.

How to cook a bowl of perfect mung bean soup?

For mung bean soup, three things are the most important: mung bean, water and pot.

To make a perfect bowl of mung bean soup, you need:

1. Use pure water or add lemon juice/white vinegar to tap water.

Tap water in our country is alkaline and has high hardness (especially in the north). It contains a lot of calcium and magnesium ions. Although it will not harm health, it is not conducive to maintaining the green color of mung bean soup.

Therefore, when cooking mung bean soup, it is best to choose purified water with less metal ions, or add vinegar or lemon juice to tap water to adjust the acidity and alkalinity of the water.

2. Mung beans are not peeled

Most of the healthy antioxidant substances and dietary fiber in mung beans are in bean hulls. Therefore, if you want to [clear away heat and toxic materials], do not peel mung bean soup.

3. Use pressure cooker, electric rice cooker or casserole

A small amount of iron ions may dissolve out of the iron pan. This little amount of iron ions is not enough to enrich the blood, but it can change the color of mung bean soup.

Therefore, it is best to use stainless steel, ceramics and other materials to cook mung bean soup, pressure cookers, electric rice cookers, casseroles can be used.

Step 4 Don’t add alkali

Some places like to add alkali to make beans cook faster, but alkali will not only change the pH value of water and cause mung bean soup to change color, but also destroy vitamins (especially group B), causing serious nutrition loss.

5. Cover the lid. Cover the lid when it comes out of the pot!

Many people like to boil mung bean soup with their mouths open. The oxygen in the air reacts with polyphenols continuously. It is difficult to think of mung bean soup as red. Therefore, it is better to cover the lid and cut off the communication between mung bean soup and oxygen.

Note that if you only drink soup, boil it in boiling water for less than 10 minutes. If you want both soup and beans, you may as well cook it for 7 or 8 minutes, then take out the soup and drink it, then add water to continue boiling the beans until they bloom, and eat the soup and beans at the same time.

By the way, remember to add less sugar!

Drinking mung bean soup alone is a bit boring?

Only drinking mung bean soup is a bit lonely for the vast number of food and beverage. Not afraid, a large country with vast territory and abundant resources can only think of it and cannot do it.

The simplest is to make mung bean popsicles:

Boil mung beans until they bloom and produce sand, add sugar, mix well, pour them into a mold (if you like the taste of rustling, you can also add glutinous rice flour), freeze them in the refrigerator, and wait for them to be eaten.

Want more tricks? No problem!

If you are a sweet party:

• Mung Bean + Lily

Vujacic mung beans, sweet lily, high color value and good taste.

• Mung Bean + Job’s tears

It is said that it is a good match for summer heat relief, but those who can’t stand the taste of Job’s tears should not try.

• Mung bean + tangerine peel

Who said that only red bean paste should be added with tangerine peel, mung bean can also ~ but don’t put too much tangerine peel…

• Mung Bean + Tremella

It is another combination of white and green. The taste and taste are worth a try.

• Mung Beans + Pumpkin

Mung beans are refreshing, pumpkin is sweet and glutinous, and it is quite delicious without sugar. It must be available.

• Mung Bean + Kelp

The most controversial sugar water, some people love it to the point that they can’t, others just want to shake it… … …

P.S. The above ingredients, randomly arranged and combined, will unlock a new variety!

If you are a salty party:

Mung bean and kelp stewed spareribs, mung bean and kelp stewed pigeon, mung bean and kelp stewed duck soup, balsam pear and mung bean spareribs soup… ah, I won’t introduce them one by one (because I haven’t tried them), and interested partners can cook them by themselves.

However, to tell the truth, salty mung beans are quite delicious. I have tasted a mung bean egg yolk bacon zongzi before. Mung beans are definitely the soul!