How to eat dinner, the most difficult to gain weight?

In the past, the three major problems in life were: eating what in the morning? What’s for lunch? Eat what at night?

Later, the problem of food and clothing was basically solved, and a new pattern of three meals a day was formed: breakfast was sloppy, lunch was handled, and dinner was abundant.

Then, new problems came…

Have a full meal at night, and there is no exercise. After eating, you will sleep and gain weight.

Don’t eat, and afraid of malnutrition, hungry can’t sleep at night (who hungry who knows)…

Can we still eat this dinner?

Don’t worry, Dr. Clove will invite Teacher Fan to give us advice and solve the new century puzzle of “not being fat for dinner”.

Dinner in what?

Ideally, it is at least 3 hours away from bedtime.

If you eat too late, the food has not been fully digested, and your intestines and stomach are still working at full capacity, it may affect your sleep. Eating dinner early can also give you time to do some exercise before going to bed, so it is not easy to gain weight.

However, Dr. Clove should also remind everyone that there is also a need for exercise time after meals:

If it is mild exercise, such as taking a walk, you can do it 20 minutes after dinner.

If it is such activities as running and yoga, it is best to do so one and a half hours after the meal, and the most ideal is two hours later.

How much for dinner?

If you count eating in your throat as 10 points full, then a normal dinner should be 7 points full.

The so-called 7 points full, is probably this feeling-

My stomach has not felt swollen or burdened, but I don’t want to eat very much. I just habitually want to eat a few more mouthfuls. However, if I took the food away at that time, I wouldn’t feel sorry and I wouldn’t feel hungry before going to bed at night.

If you need to lose weight, you can eat 5 cents full.

The so-called 5 points full, is probably this feeling-

I don’t feel hungry anymore, but I still want to eat some more. I may be a little hungry before going to bed.

What for dinner?

Most of the time, don’t eat too greasy dinner, such as braised pork, fried chicken, roasted duck, etc. Just think about it and eat less.

If you really want to eat, eat it occasionally or only eat one or two pieces to satisfy your mouth, it’s no problem, and your body is also responsible!

The meat suitable for dinner is like this: stewed chicken, steamed fish, spiced beef, blanched shrimp… the protein is also rich, but the fat is much less.

In addition, those ingredients that are not easy to eat in brunch can also be added to the lineup of luxurious dinners.

STEP 1 Add Vegetables

Few people eat vegetables for breakfast, and they often only eat fast food or take-out food at noon. Vegetables are very few. If you don’t eat dinner again, you will definitely not meet the health goal of 500 grams of vegetables per day.

Step 2: Add coarse grains

Coarse grains, potatoes and miscellaneous beans are especially good for helping to lose weight, relieve constipation and prevent three highs. However, there are few opportunities to eat these outside. Having some time to cook at night is a good opportunity to eat these [healthy ingredients].

Coarse cereal rice, baked sweet potato and coarse cereal bean porridge are all very good staple foods for dinner.

If you are eager to lose weight and don’t have to starve yourself, try-

    Fruit + Yogurt Coarse Grain Bean Porridge + Vegetable Bean + Nut + Vegetable Potato + Bean Products + Vegetable

Good nutrition, low calorie, and satiety, do you want some?