How to ensure that you will not be disabled for a long time? I’ll give you a copy of the ancestral treasure book… … …

Do you or the people around you have such experiences:

When I was a child, I was quite handsome. When I grew up, I changed, especially my face, commonly known as [long disability].

In fact, I can’t continue to become beautiful and beautiful, but I can’t just blame eating lotus root (ugliness). Many living habits play an important role.

Today, our “short-term treasure book” starts with the story of a rabbit…

This is a little fresh meat rabbit. He works and sleeps regularly and often exercises. Does he look cute at this time?

Don’t stay up late

The effects of staying up late on the body can be varied.

Dark circles, thinning skin, fine lines, memory and reaction speed decline, etc. This can count too much. Therefore, if you often stay up late, your skin may become flabby and drooping, and the whole person may look a little gaunt.

This is probably what it looks like below… … …

It is not a long-term treasure book [to be sun-proof]

The damage of ultraviolet rays in sunlight to skin is also very significant.

It will not only blacken and spot the skin, but also cause skin aging.

Even black is healthy and beautiful, but if it is patches of spots, it looks tragic.

This is probably what it looks like below… … …

Don’t sit for too long

If you sit for a long time without exercise, there will be too many injuries, such as getting fat.

Layers of small stomachs, thick thighs; In addition to the impact on body shape, getting fat itself will increase the risk of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and other diseases; If your sitting posture is not correct, it is not impossible to become [hunchback with chest] after a long time.

What? You said you stayed up late? No sun protection? Still sedentary?

It will probably look like this… … …

Don’t play with your mobile phone half lying down.

Once Ge You paralysis is turned on, how can the time spent playing with mobile phones be short? ! Looking at mobile phones for a long time is harmful to eyes, and everyone knows this truth.

What is more terrible is that Ge You’s paralysis itself is also harmful to the spine.

No matter what kind of Ge You paralysis, lateral or frontal, will put the spine in an unhealthy bending position. In the long run, waist soreness and backache will follow.

If you stay up late, don’t protect yourself from the sun, sit for a long time and play with your mobile phone, it will probably look like the following…

Stay away from addictive substances

To exaggerate, tobacco, alcohol, drugs and gambling on health care are disfigured in invisibility.

If you have committed all the above-mentioned crimes, and then add this point, it is estimated that it will be like this…

If you think the last picture is still from MengMeng, then I can only say from the bottom of my heart:







The Question of the Ultimate Treasure Book of Not Long-term Disability Doctor

Health is the most important thing if you want to be disabled. For physical problems, consult a doctor to protect your health.