Smoking is a bad habit that hurts the kidney. Some people hurt it several times a day.

Friends often come to ask, my kidney is not good, how should I eat it normally? What should I eat to supplement?

Where does the kidney rely on food to supplement it? Clearly, it is hurt by bad habits one by one. Some bad habits are repeated many times a day, for example, smoking.

Some smokers’ friends must be unconvinced: I know that smoking hurts the lungs. Where will smoke go to the kidney? !

Dr. Clove will tell you the answer.

Yes, smoking really hurts the kidney!

Studies have long said:

Smoking 5 more cigarettes a day increases the risk of serum creatinine increase by 31% within 3 years compared with non-smokers.

Both men and women smoke more than 25 packs a year, and the incidence of chronic kidney disease increases significantly.

If you already have hypertension, diabetes, chronic glomerulonephritis, etc., smokers are more likely to suffer from renal damage and will enter uremia faster.

Nicotine in tobacco, as well as heavy metals such as cadmium and lead, can cause serious damage to the kidney. You know, smoking more than 20 cigarettes a day for a long time increases the cadmium content accumulated in renal cortex by 45.7%.

In addition, hypertension, diabetes, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases caused by smoking can also cause renal artery hyperplasia and sclerosis, indirectly leading to renal ischemia and hypoxia, accelerating the course of nephropathy, and patients need to start dialysis treatment earlier.

Smoking increases the risk of kidney disease and its progression for both ordinary people and patients who already have kidney disease.

Think about it, our country is a big tobacco country, with 350 million smokers over the age of 15. Is it a bit scary?

If you quit smoking early…

Within 24 hours of quitting smoking, blood pressure and heart rate can drop.

After quitting smoking for 6 months, the risk parameters of cardiovascular diseases decreased and arterial stiffness improved.

Quitting smoking for one year reduces the risk of coronary heart disease by 50%.

The mortality rate of patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease will decrease by 32% ~ 84%.

Especially for patients with nephropathy, quitting smoking can reduce urine protein content and delay the deterioration of renal function.

Quitting smoking and protecting kidney, starting with regular physical examination,

The main reasons for the failure of quitting smoking are: poor self-control, difficult control of smoking addiction, difficult smoking by others, lack of effective methods and refreshing smoking, etc.

In addition to drugs to combat smoking addiction and improve the social environment, the most important thing to quit smoking is to improve self-control. It is necessary to regularly record the situation of quitting smoking and be encouraged repeatedly.

Quitting smoking requires regular physical examination to strengthen patients’ understanding of their own health, and the most important point to protect kidneys is also regular physical examination.

    Ordinary people have a physical examination once a year, focusing on urine and creatinine. Patients with chronic diseases should have a physical examination every 3 months to half a year according to their different conditions, and kidney B-ultrasound should be added on the basis of urine and creatinine examination.

In addition to insisting on physical examination, there are three points to protect the kidney:

Step 1 Drink plenty of water

For people with no kidney problems, drinking more water can effectively help the kidney to better expel toxins.

For patients with hyperuricemia and kidney stones, drinking more water can effectively relieve the disease and prevent relapse.

Attention should be paid to the fact that the water here refers specifically to plain boiled water, such as tea and beverages, which are not allowed.

2. Reasonable exercise, weight control and combination of work and rest

Obesity has a serious impact on the kidney. Strengthening exercise and controlling body weight can prevent kidney injury.

However, the kidney is also a relatively delicate organ. Overwork or strenuous exercise can also lead to kidney problems. For example, rhabdomyolysis after the most common strenuous exercise can lead to acute kidney injury.

Therefore, exercise must be scientific, reasonable and gradual.

3. Avoid exposure to nephrotoxic drugs or foods

There are some folk remedies and tonic drugs in various places. Many people are superstitious about nourishing and keeping in good health. There is a large number of abuse of traditional Chinese medicine and blind use of folk remedies or tonic drugs with unknown ingredients.

Drug-induced kidney injury or toxic kidney injury caused by this is more common. For example, aristolochic acid nephropathy caused by the famous Longdan Xiegan Pill.

Such pediatric-sounding advice as [don’t eat casually] is also important to protect the kidneys.