How to persuade the elderly not to buy health care products indiscriminately

TV often see the news of how many health care products and health care equipment the elderly buy, wasting money and sometimes delaying the formal treatment of diseases. If we blindly stop this kind of behavior, it will make the elderly dislike it. This kind of situation, what should we do? Accompanying is very important. Salesmen know better than us why the elderly always succeed in selling health care products. Because they know the psychology of the elderly better than we do. Like my grandmother, At ordinary times I always see her sad face, As soon as I received the phone call from the salesman, my eyebrows stretched: [Oh, Xiao Li, We’re okay, Why don’t you come to see us, Well, in good health, Lecture next week, Good, good, go.] Xiao Li developed the salesman’s care to the extreme, Call at regular intervals, Many visits, Talking about family matters and giving gifts. When I entered the door, I took my grandmother in my arm and talked warmly. [Grandma] Shout incessantly, Often coax my grandmother from ear to ear. It is even more kissing than my granddaughter. Lonely old people who are unaccompanied are lonely. Usually I want someone to talk to them, But children and grandchildren are busy with their daily work, It is easy to ignore their demands. At this time, There was a salesman, The posture is low, And kind, Send something three days and two ends, Also medical examination, And talk to them, The old man naturally has a good feeling for them. And we, when we open our mouth, are [this is not allowed to buy, that is not allowed to eat]. Of course, the old man is not happy. How many times, our children are around us, enjoying the care of their cooking and washing clothes every day, and cannot help them share it? The old man bought a health product, but also accused one or two, education three or four, how can he be considered filial? We need to do better than salesmen. We really need to spend more time with the elderly. When communicating with them, In addition to caring about their food, clothing and warmth, And like a child, Know that they are thinking about what. When they nag, Don’t get bored, Listen to them patiently. Even if you don’t talk, Just listen to them quietly, They also feel happy. There are too many middle-aged and elderly people who correctly guide the elderly and wrong health information. For health information needs, In fact, it is stronger than us. It can be seen from the health care articles flying all over our parents’ circle of friends. Although there are many channels for the elderly to obtain health information, For example, my grandparents watch health programs on TV every day after dinner. Grandma also specially subscribes to health magazines for the elderly. But how many really good articles are there on it? How many were written by experts? How much information is valid? Every time my aunt eats, Claims to be seen from the circle of friends, From this point of view, The health information they get is unreliable. Most of the reliable knowledge is obscure and difficult to understand. Modern medicine is developing too fast. Knowledge of various diseases, new developments, Young people have some difficulties in understanding, What’s more, our grandparents are old people. Every time I persuade my grandmother, The medicine and health care products that are sold really cannot be eaten. They are all based on the ingredients, mechanism of action, Analyze it to her, After hearing this, she will say that she does not understand, Or [left ear in, In contrast, some [old Chinese medicine practitioners], Although they are full of nonsense, But it was lively and interesting, He can also patiently answer the audience’s questions, The grandmothers also listened with great interest. When I saw that, I would think, If only I could make the right knowledge so interesting. We have to give them the right ideas. I would only say [what you see is wrong] [what the old expert said is wrong] every time. But I didn’t tell Grandma. It should be what. I’ve complained before, Medical websites like [Clove Garden], But it only serves the medical population. Now, They finally launched a popular science channel suitable for the public-[Doctor Clove], There is also the “health headline” for the middle-aged and the elderly. It really did [explain modern medicine with the attitude of old Chinese medicine]. Things like this, It should be shown more to grandparents and parents. Capture their vision with correct health concepts, There is no room for deceitful rumors and false advertisements. As one gets older, Especially when one of his neighbors and friends is ill, About their health, More will be a variety of worries. All kinds of people selling health care products, at the beginning, are mostly under the guise of giving the elderly free medical examination. We want the elderly to be more concerned about the health of the elderly than cheats. We want the elderly to ignore false propaganda, and we must do it. We are more concerned about the health problems of the elderly than cheats: regularly take them to regular institutions for medical examination to understand their health status; Elderly people with basic diseases such as hypertension and diabetes are urged to take medicine on time and have regular reexamination. Patiently explain to them the effects and side effects of the drug, and don’t always worry about [the drug is divided into three parts]; Communicate more with them at ordinary times, Let them trust you, Ask you first if you have any health problems, Instead of asking salesman Xiao Li. In this way, even if they are targeted by health care products manufacturers, they can be found in time to prevent them from getting deeper and deeper. Blood is thicker than water. If we care more about the elderly and accompany more, the elderly will naturally believe in their relatives more. All kinds of health care products manufacturers that fool people will have no holes to enter. How can our elders be fooled?