In a bad mood? Eat something sweet and take a walk!

The pressure of people’s life is increasing, and the depression of employees is becoming a significant problem in cities, especially in high-pressure and fast-paced industries in big cities.

Do you also feel worthless and worthless at some moments, or feel inexplicably lost, sad and want to cry, but do you not feel that the situation is serious enough to need treatment? I hope today’s article can be helpful to you.

Sad, lost, can seek professional help

In recent years, psychological counseling has become more and more popular in China. What consultants often need to solve is also the problem of visitors’ depression.

It is necessary for me to explain here that depression is completely different from [depression]. The former is a manifestation of normal psychology, but if the situation is serious, it may require professionals (such as psychological consultants) to help adjust. Depression, on the other hand, is a mental disease, which is useless only by adjustment.

Our country’s law stipulates that psychological consultants do not have the qualification for diagnosis and treatment of depression. If your psychological consultants suggest you to go to psychiatric department, don’t be angry. Please thank TA for its reliability and try to receive diagnosis and treatment.

Periodic changes in emotions are normal.

Periodic emotional changes are important factors that affect emotions-in fact, not only women affect emotions due to physiological cycle changes, but also men have emotional physiological cycles.

Roughly speaking, there are periodic changes between high and low emotions, with a cycle of about 28 days, which is the same as the length of women’s physiological period. Therefore, some people nicknamed the period of men’s depression “big uncle”.

When the period of depression comes, what should we do?

In short, we should accept this normal phenomenon, adjust our mood, and let ourselves not be nervous or anxious about it.

However, depression does disrupt our work and life rhythm. The following three suggestions can help us deal with it positively.

Response 1: Take a walk!

A common recommended treatment for depression is walking.

In fact, sports such as walking, which are suitable for load, are good for mood regulation. However, heavy-load exercises such as running and aerobic fitness may inhibit nerve activity, leading to fatigue, fatigue and stress decline, thus aggravating depression.

In addition, walking has also been proved to be effective in relieving depression and helping to treat depression. Proper environment, soothing music, muscle activity, improvement of nerves and feedback stimulation, and regulation of the brain are all beneficial.

Coping Method 2: Eat something sweet!

Another method is actually a bit interesting, and that is dessert therapy.

Many girls feel this way in real life: when they are in a bad mood, they suddenly feel cheerful after eating sweet food.

This is based on science.

Eating more sugar can stimulate the brain to secrete dopamine, which is the brain’s [source of happiness].

If you are keen on fitness and shaping, stay at a respectful distance from sweets, try to eat them occasionally! Your body needs to be awakened.

It should be noted that frequent eating of sweets to improve mood is not recommended, because if the sugar level remains high, it will continuously stimulate the secretion of dopamine in the brain, and the brain will further increase the sugar level needed to secrete dopamine.

In other words, if we use this trick frequently to please ourselves, we will have to eat more and more sweets to achieve the same degree of happiness experience.

At this time, you will have to solve the problem of food addiction.

Coping Method 3: Take the subway to [travel]

Try this method: during off-peak hours, take the relatively less noisy and crowded subway, have no specific destination, and just hang out for half to an hour.

Doing so will give people a small experience of short-term travel.

Moreover, the unique environment of subway will bring these benefits to people:

    Under the stimulation of bright lights in the subway, melatonin secretion in the brain will decrease. The laminar air flow environment of the subway will give people a comfortable feeling of breeze. Attention to the life and behavior of others around us will distract our attention.

For people with strong observation ability and sensitive personality, these environmental characteristics and travel-like feelings are especially effective in relieving depression.

To deal with depression, the most important thing is to act. Stand up, move, observe the outside world, and move your gaze away from the depressed mood. Slowly, you will feel much better.