Is there a golden age for losing weight? Yes, and you may still have time.

The Daily Mail of England once reported that a study said that the best age to lose weight is 31-32 years old, because people at this age care most about weight and are the easiest to implement weight loss plans.

I think, it is very unreasonable. The best age to lose weight should be the period when it is the least difficult to lose weight, and does not depend on the subjective will to lose weight.

Losing weight really has a golden age. Moreover, you are probably still in your golden age.

Embryonic stage

Yes, it means that when you grow from a fertilized egg to an embryo, the fate of your obesity is largely in your mother’s hands.

If your mother was overweight before she became pregnant and allowed to gain weight during pregnancy [one person ate two portions], your body fat cells will proliferate more than the average person, thus losing the starting line. Further, it will affect your appetite and weight when you grow up.

In other words, pregnancy is also a golden age for women to lose weight: controlling a reasonable weight and preventing it from growing too fast is the most efficient way to lose weight.

Key Points for Weight Loss:

For mothers who are pregnant with only one child, if before pregnancy:

    Weight standard (BMI 18.5 ~ 24.9), weight gain during pregnancy is appropriate for 11.5 ~ 16kg, with an average weekly increase of 0.42 kg starting from the middle and third trimester of pregnancy; Overweight (BMI 24.0 ~ 29.9), weight gain of 7 ~ 11.5 kg during pregnancy is appropriate, and the average weekly increase starting from the middle and third trimester of pregnancy is 0.28 kg; Obesity (BMI ≥ 30), weight gain of 5 ~ 9kg during pregnancy is appropriate, and the average weekly increase is 0.22 kg starting from the middle and third trimester of pregnancy.


Childhood, 6 ~ 12 years old, is an important period for a person to establish eating habits.

If the parents themselves fail to guide their children to eat a balanced diet, and the elders of the next generation mistakenly spoil their children and blindly feed the small fat people who are white and fat, they may have an indissoluble [evil] relationship with obesity all their lives.

Key Points for Weight Loss:

  1. Get rid of bad snack habits and eat a balanced diet. You must not go on a diet or control your diet excessively.

  2. Parents accompany their children to increase their daily activities to more than one hour, mostly by playing games.

  3. If children are bullied and feel inferior due to obesity during this period, they should pay attention to psychological guidance.


Middle school is the peak period of vigorous growth hormone secretion. Growth hormone can not only promote bone development and growth, but also promote more decomposition of fat, which is the golden age of weight loss.

Key Points for Weight Loss:

Step 1 Sleep well

The secretion of growth hormone is mainly during sleep at night, so we must work and rest regularly and do not stay up late to make the body grow taller rather than fatter.

2. Grasp [Summer Vacation]

Have you ever found that many stories of male gods and goddesses attacking each other and changes in the appearance of Before & After all took place during the summer vacation, especially at the end of Senior Three?

This is a rare long period of free and dominant time in your life. Taking 2-3 months as a weight loss cycle, concentrating on adjusting diet and exercising in a planned way is easier to maximize the weight loss effect without dragging the front too long and weakening the willpower to lose weight.

Young and middle-aged

When you leave the campus and enter the society, after working for several years, you will start to gain weight from about 22 to 24 years old. Affected by factors such as work pressure, social interaction in the workplace, restrictions on sedentary activities, irregular diet, etc., you will easily begin to gain weight.

After about 25 years old, with the growth of age, affected by hormone levels, fat synthesis and storage will be more and more inclined to the waist and abdomen, thus increasing the risk of suffering from a variety of diseases.

If you don’t pay attention to adjusting diet and strengthening exercise at all, the whole person will easily get fat like a balloon. On the other hand, starting to strengthen muscle strength and control reasonable weight through exercise as early as possible during this period can effectively prevent the worsening of waist and abdomen obesity.

Key Points for Weight Loss:

Don’t be a slave to work, be the master of your body, and don’t let bad diet and work and rest habits develop maliciously and develop inertia.

Middle and old age

Is it too late to start in middle age when you didn’t get into the habit of fitness when you were young?

Not only is it not, but it happens.

After the age of 40, the metabolic rate of the human body will gradually decrease. However, one study shows that 40-65 years old is the golden age to prevent telomere shortening. Telomere, the top of chromosome, is the length of telomere, which is related to the length of life span.

After the age of 40, attention should be paid to strengthening exercise, improving heart and lung function, promoting blood circulation, reducing blood lipid and cholesterol, promoting muscle storage and reducing bone loss, which can bring significant health improvement effects.

Key Points for Weight Loss:

  1. Choose the exercise methods you can, such as jogging, alternating fast jogging, dancing, swimming, etc.

  2. Maintain a balanced diet, control the speed of weight loss but not fast, the emphasis is on long-term persistence.

The two most important weight loss times in one’s life

Finally, there are two most important golden time to lose weight, which everyone still has time to grasp.

One is, as early as possible;

One is, now.

Grasp scientific diet and exercise methods and take action.