Let Children Sleep Better: 7 Tips

Most children under the age of 5 have some sleep problems. Sleep is inherently complicated and can be affected by many factors. Moreover, poor sleep will not only make children feel tired, but will affect them in all aspects. Children will become dawdling, angry, overexcited and even stunted.

The following advice applies to children of any age, And not only to make them sleep well, It will also make them happier during the day. To some extent, It can also make parents sleep and feel better. 1. Ensure a fixed sleep and wake-up time. Children’s biological clocks are greatly affected by sleep and wake-up time. If you specify sleep and wake-up times, You basically set the child’s biological clock, He’ll be working. He’ll be able to go to bed early, At 18: 30-19: 30. Most children go to bed early, Maybe you will sleep a little more. 2. It is very important to strive for a regular sleep during the day. A short rest is very important. An energetic child may not need rest all day. Some children seldom sleep during the day, I woke up in the morning and rejoiced. But after a few days in a row, they will gradually become very nervous. Or very alert. Besides, Sleep a little during the day, It also helps to supplement the lack of sleep at night. 3. Adjust the child’s biological clock and make good use of the child’s habits. When the child is ready to go to bed, It is best when he is really tired. A darker environment can help the body release more sleep-promoting hormones. That is, turn on the body [rest] button. You can dim the light in the room when you fall asleep to help your child fall asleep. Let your child wake up in the bright morning light, you can turn on the [activity] button, and your brain will issue a command [get up and move]! 4. Cultivate a fixed process of going to bed to ensure that a fixed process of falling asleep can help children from the state of playing, Adjust to the state of being ready for sleep. Usually, some specific items can be used. Such as taking a bath, changing pajamas, brushing teeth, going to bed, telling stories, etc. When children listen to their parents’ stories, You will lie in bed very quietly, This makes it easy to fall asleep. All these can help you to be creative when you are most lacking. Help your child fall asleep in the simplest way. 5. Creating a comfortable sleeping environment and sleeping place are the key elements to ensure high-quality sleep. Comfortable mattresses, warm quilts, appropriate room temperature, soft pajamas, And a warm bedroom. 6. Ensure that nutritious food in daily diet will affect the body’s energy level. So as to affect sleep. It is recommended to add a meal before going to bed. Options: Whole wheat toast and cheese, Donuts and peanut butter, Oats and bananas or yogurt. Picky children may lack vitamins, This will affect sleep. 7. Ensure enough exercise time. Many children watch TV too long during the day. Lack of exercise, I’m sure I can’t sleep well. If the child exercises during the day, It is certainly easy to fall asleep at night, and you will sleep soundly and for a long time, and wake up more energetic in the morning. Avoid exercising before going to bed, because it will make them excited rather than quiet, and they will jump around in bed instead of lying there obediently. Try these 7 tips, and you will see that your child’s sleep condition has improved, and of course, yours will.