Little plum, for your health, please let go of the raw meat.

Leonardo dicaprio, known as Little Plum’s Oscar-winning masterpiece “Revenant”, has finally been released in China ~

After holding back so many spoilers, I can finally watch the transformation process from little fresh meat to bad uncle.

The little plum in the movie can be compared with Beiye: crossing the desert, flint for fire, human flesh drifting, eating carrion, eating raw viscera…

Wait! Raw animal meat?

Fortunately, this is a movie. Do you know how dangerous it is to eat animal meat raw?

Come and listen to Dr. Clove. If you want to learn from Little Plum to be revenant, which levels do your body need to go through?

Level 1: Parasites

Wild animals are close to nature, and naturally they will also be close to parasites in nature.

For example, liver fluke is often parasitic in fish. If fish infected by liver fluke are eaten raw, they may be infected, leading to liver cirrhosis and bile duct blockage.

For example, Anisakis can infect many kinds of marine fish, including salmon, salmon, tuna, etc. If eaten raw, it may be infected, causing nausea and vomiting, eosinophilic granuloma of stomach or intestinal tract, and even intestinal obstruction, intestinal perforation and peritonitis.

In addition to fish, eating raw pork and beef (small plums also swallowed bloody beef liver this time) is also at risk of contracting parasites.

For example, beef and pork sashimi, which many people like to eat, will endanger human health if they are made of pork (commonly known as rice pork) or beef infected by tapeworms.

Level 2: Pathogenic Bacteria

Pathogenic bacteria are the second level that the intestines of [Revenants] who eat raw food need to fight.

Raw meat, seafood and aquatic products are at risk of being contaminated by pathogenic bacteria during processing, storage and transportation.

For example, the well-known Salmonella infection is often caused by people eating raw fruits and vegetables infected by Salmonella, or half-baked eggs and meat.

In China, common bacterial contamination includes raw eggs, salmonella on raw meat, Escherichia coli in raw beef, Vibrio parahaemolyticus in marine fish, etc.

Eating food raw means that it is possible to eat these pathogenic bacteria, and the possible results are-illness, fever, vomiting and diarrhea…

Level 3: Pathogenic Virus

The well-known pathogenic viruses Norovirus and hepatitis a virus can be transmitted through food.

Among them, the most typical is hepatitis a virus infection.

The people of Shanghai must still remember the hepatitis a storm caused by eating undercooked clams in 1988. The outbreak lasted for three months. Nearly 300,000 people were infected with hepatitis a, hospitals were full, and even 11 people died as a result.

If these shellfish, shrimps and crabs live in polluted waters, they may carry hepatitis a virus. However, if we eat them without thorough heating, or even if some people eat them raw for the sake of freshness, they are at risk of contracting hepatitis a.

You know, freezing, smoking and soaking in alcohol cannot completely kill harmful viruses. Full heating is the only effective method.

Cherish life and eat cooked food.

Fortunately, as revenant’s little plum is the movie first hero, with a strong and unyielding stomach and an immune system blessed by Holy Light. It is really not easy to get through so many hurdles.

While praising Xiao Li’s exquisite performance and dedication in the movie, Clove Canteen should remind you:

If we don’t want to take risks, we should obediently heat and cook the food thoroughly in our life and eat cooked food.