Naked oats: nutritious and delicious fiber, reasonable consumption to help control sugar

Speaking of naked oats, you may not be familiar with it. Although it is rich in nutrition, it does not do well in [coarse cereals].

No, its [sister] oats have long been famous in the sea as [healthy coarse cereals], while naked oats are still like [bred in an inner chamber, with no one knowing her].

Today, Dr. Clove will give you a good introduction to naked oats.

Good coarse cereals born and raised in China

Naked oats, a kind of oats, also known as [naked oats], have a long history of cultivation in our country, and their producing areas are concentrated in alpine regions in Inner Mongolia, Shanxi and Hebei Province.

It is similar in nutritional composition to the familiar oat, that is, [skin oat], rich in dietary fiber, and belongs to a food with medium glycemic index. As a staple food choice for diabetics, it is perfectly suitable.

In the north of our country, naked oats are often ground into flour for eating, which is naked oats flour. There are many kinds of eating methods for naked oats flour: tannin, naked oats flour fish, naked oats flour, etc.

Today, we will introduce to you the method of [naked oats noodle nest]. Its making method is simple and delicious when matched with other foods.

[Naked Oats Noodle Nest]: Wild and Good Staple Food

Raw materials (two persons):

180g of naked oats flour and 180g of boiling water.

Making method:

1. Put naked oats flour into a basin, pour boiling water evenly on the flour, mix well with silica gel shovel or chopsticks, and knead into smooth dough by hand after cooling slightly.

2. Knead the dough into long strips and cut into small doses. Twist it with your thumb or push it into rectangular small dough pieces with your palm. If you are not skilled in making it, you can also roll it flat with a rolling pin. The dough pieces made are about 5 * 10 cm, roughly the size of the index finger and middle finger together.

3. Roll the dough pieces into a cylinder and place them on the steamer.

4. Put the steamer into the steamer, put cold water into the steamer, steam for 10 minutes after the water boils and emits gas, turn off the fire, keep the lid closed, and stew for another 2 minutes before eating.

The naked oats face nest has an outstanding advantage: versatile! With scrambled eggs with tomatoes, vinegar alfalfa, three fresh marinade and vinegar pepper marinade, the taste is very good.

However, the diet of diabetics needs to pay attention to collocation. One meal cannot only include staple food, meat, vegetables, bean products, etc. Only in this way can nutrition be balanced and is also good for controlling postprandial blood sugar.

Operating tips:

The dough steamed with naked oats should not be too soft. After steaming too soft, the small roll will collapse and cannot stand upright, affecting the look and feel of the dishes and the taste of the tendons.

In addition, for diabetic friends, the preparation of meals should be [coarse] rather than [fine]. For the same kind and quantity of ingredients, we should try our best to make them larger in volume and firmer in texture. When eating, we must chew slowly and taste the taste of food carefully, which can delay the speed of eating, digestion and absorption and smooth the blood sugar reaction after meals.

Delicious and nutritious

The content of many nutrients in naked oats flour is higher than that of wheat flour. For example, the content of vitamin E in every 100g naked oats flour is as high as 7.2 mg, more than 3 times that of flour. The content of protein, fat, B vitamins, phosphorus, iron, calcium and other elements also exceeds that of common wheat flour.

The reason why naked oats flour has become a nutrient [naked oats], Related to dietary fiber. Naked oats flour is not only rich in dietary fiber, but also of good quality. Dietary fiber is divided into water-soluble and water-insoluble, of which water-soluble dietary fiber plays a more prominent role in controlling body weight, blood lipid and stabilizing blood sugar. Naked oats are rich in water-soluble dietary fiber, which is 4.7 times and 7.7 times that of wheat and corn respectively.

Therefore, replacing wheat flour with naked oats flour to make staple food is a healthier choice for people with high blood sugar and diabetes.