North Yuanxiao PK South Tangyuan, how to eat fat

The 15th day of the first month is the end of the year.

According to local tradition, Tangyuan is basically eaten in the south and Yuanxiao in the north. However, Tangyuan is not equal to Yuanxiao. They are very different, do you know?

In short, Tangyuan is [wrapped] and Yuanxiao is [rocked].

Tangyuan is to mix raw glutinous rice flour into flour balls with hot or cold water, then wrap various fillings in the pericardium and rub them into a round, smooth and glutinous skin.

Yuanxiao is to cut the solid stuffing into small pieces, dip it in water, and then shake and shake it on the sieve full of raw glutinous rice flour, sprinkle some water while shaking, and wait for the stuffing to roll on the powder and roll it into balls, with dry, soft and thin skin.

Tangyuan stuffing has high moisture content and is soft. Small glutinous rice balls without stuffing can often be used to cook wine and various sweet soups.

Yuanxiao stuffing should be dry, not too soft, hard and strong, otherwise it is not good to form [rock and roll].

Tangyuan stuffing can be salty or sweet, meat or vegetable, In addition to the most traditional black sesame, five kernels, bean paste and hawthorn stuffing, there are many fruit stuffing on the market, such as strawberry, pineapple and durian stuffing, there are also many flower stuffing, such as jasmine, rose and osmanthus stuffing, purple potato, pumpkin and chestnut stuffing that flaunt coarse cereals, and of course there are plum vegetable roasted meat and mushroom fresh meat stuffing that stir up the national contradiction of “salty and sweet dispute”.

Yuanxiao is relatively single and sweet. The traditional point is black sesame and bean paste stuffing, which gradually adds various new flavors.

Tangyuan is mostly cooked or fried. Yuanxiao is mostly fried or cooked.

The cooking time of glutinous rice balls is shorter, about 3-5 minutes to float, and the boiled soup is clear soup.

It takes longer to cook Yuanxiao, often more than 10 minutes. The boiled soup becomes muddy because the raw glutinous rice flour absorbs water.

Tangyuan can be frozen and has a long shelf life. Quick-frozen Tangyuan can be bought all over the country and eaten all year round. Some areas in the south will eat Tangyuan during the Spring Festival, Winter Solstice and other solar terms.

Yuanxiao is easy to crack after being kept for a few more days or frozen, and its shelf life is very short. Therefore, it is usually only made on the spot in the north and sold on the same day, which is more like a festival atmosphere.

To get back to the point, many friends are not concerned about whether you call Tangyuan or Yuanxiao, but which is better to eat and not to gain weight!

First of all, if you can accept salty Tangyuan (this really depends on the region), Of course, the choice is preferred. Apart from being too high in sodium, fresh meat dumplings are the ones with the least carbohydrate, the best protein content and even slightly lower fat content than sweet ones. Meat stuffing dumplings and cooking green leafy vegetables, shrimps and mushrooms in the soup are all good choices.

Secondly, choose traditional black sesame, bean paste, peanuts and five-kernel stuffing. What you eat is still relatively real nuts and miscellaneous beans. Sweet glutinous rice balls should be boiled with little or no sugar as far as possible. Try to eat less fried glutinous rice balls and fried glutinous rice balls to reduce oil intake and indigestion.

Then, try purple potato, purple rice and pumpkin. However, they are not like the [low calorie], [healthy] and [nutritious] advertised in the packaging advertisement. After all, the addition of coarse and miscellaneous grain materials is very limited. Some [xylitol] formulas can be selected, but still cannot be eaten more.

Finally, it is better to choose fruits, flowers or chocolate as early adopters. The stuffing of fruits and flowers often relies on more essence to provide flavor, and the amount of sugar and oil is not less at all. Health factors such as vitamin C and cellulose in the fruit itself are even more impossible to eat in the stuffing.

When purchasing, please pay attention to the packaging and look at the ingredient list. Some products will be marked with [filling percentage content], and you will find that products with filling ≥ 25% are more expensive than products with filling ≥ 18%.

The size of glutinous rice balls varies. Generally, black sesame glutinous rice balls with a conventional size of 20g/piece or other sweet glutinous rice balls have a higher calorie of about 70 kilocalories/piece, and eating 4 glutinous rice balls is indeed about the calorie of a medium bowl of rice (about 280 kilocalories); If it is salty fresh meat dumplings, the calories are slightly lower (about 60 kilocalories per meal), but it is not suitable to eat more than 5 dumplings per meal. For a large dumplings like 50g per meal, it is good to taste one or two dumplings.

Pay attention to not eating more staple food during dinner after eating glutinous rice balls and yuanxiao. Don’t eat it for 3 hours before going to bed.

In fact, it is not a big problem to eat too many glutinous rice balls. If you eat one more glutinous rice balls, you only need to walk quickly for 20 minutes.