Of the 14 people who lost weight successfully, 13 rebounded. What went wrong?

To lose weight is to shut up and keep your legs open.

Many friends, no matter fat or thin, no matter whether they lose weight or not, have definitely said or heard this sentence.

It seems that only this sentence has boundless magic power, reaches the earth and reaches the sky, can frighten all crooked weight loss methods for one second, and can remain invincible forever. It is the only ultimate meaning of thinning.

It seems that all the failure to lose weight can only be attributed to the failure of the mouth and the failure of the legs. All the troubles are self-inflicted and blind BB.

However! Capital Ran! And!

I have never casually given people such low-to-dust advice. Six words are gone? I won’t. And …

Shut up and keep your legs open, which will be the starting point for weight loss rebound.

The Nightmare of Super Weight Loss King

No matter the reality TV show or the Internet, there are many miracles of the “Super Weight Loss King”.

But do you really know that what happened after they lost weight very quickly?

First, let’s look at the super weight loss king in the United States.

A study surveyed 14 contestants who took part in NBC TV’s The Biggest Loser program and lost an average of more than 100 pounds each through seven months of intensive diet and exercise.

After 6 years, only 1 out of 14 people saved their weight loss results. All the others rebounded and gained weight, with an average rebound of 70%. Some people were fatter than before losing weight.

Let’s look at China’s “Super Weight Loss King”.

And Weijia, her sister in 1994, was 210 kg [China’s most beautiful and fat man] who was popular on the Internet before she took part in the program to lose weight in 2013.

After losing 72 kg crazily for 3 months, he changed greatly [Jin Xishan] and opened the plug-in of life.

But if you watched a program she attended a few months ago, you will know that she is fat again!

But also suffered from the infinite vicious circle of rebound-weight loss-rebound again, which professionals call the “yo-yo effect”.

Because she was overwhelmed physically and mentally, her mood was abnormal, and her spirit was on the verge of collapse, she finally chose to go to Taiwan for bariatric surgery.

Don’t think that this is just a super worry for super fat people.

Weight rebound, emotional impermanence, overeating, not menstruating, alopecia, baldness, immunity decline… [a weight loss is not good for the whole person].

The source of all these problems is six words: shut up and keep your legs open.

The first problem is that…

How many mouths do you control? How many legs do you take?

Leaving the dose to talk about toxicity is all hooliganism. Leaving [quantity] to talk about losing weight is also playing rascal.

Shut up? How many mouths do you need to control? I don’t know.

Don’t eat dinner, milkshake substitute, fruit and vegetable juice light cut off, 5: 2 light cut off, intermittent fasting, cucumber diet, 13-day fast diet… even Bigu (cut off food) weight loss.

When you don’t know how much you need to eat or how much you should eat, and you wish to lose 20 kg a day, are these attractive [recipes] just [shut up]?

If you are hungry, you will carry it and endure it. Is that [shut up]? As a result, I became hungry and became [prone to obesity], and then I could not control the power of the universe in my body and went out of control.

Keep your legs open? How many legs does it take? I don’t know.

Watching people run long distances, spinning, running on an empty stomach, practicing HIIT, and matching equipment, they practice twice a day in the morning and evening, just follow them?

How many people have not trained themselves to be disabled or injured?

The vast majority of people do not know how many mouths to control, how many legs to take, and how fast to lose weight, and go astray to lose weight.

Another problem is…

Shut up first? Or do you want to take your legs first?

If you are just starting to lose weight, listen to my advice:

Don’t shut up and take your legs at the same time at the beginning!

Don’t shut up and take your legs at the same time at the beginning!

Don’t shut up and take your legs at the same time at the beginning!

Only by changing in both directions of diet and exercise [step by step] can the body accept happily.

Good living habits that can be adhered to for a long time will not lead to a two-way imbalance between supply and demand and bring about various problems.

To control the meaning of silence, first adjust the reasonable diet structure and eating habits.

Therefore, it should be: adjust your eating habits first, then take your legs to increase exercise. It is quite appropriate to increase the consumption by 200 ~ 300 kilocalories. Then appropriately reduce the dietary intake of calories, reduce 200 ~ 300 kilocalories.

Ideal Weight Loss Steps

Learn the right diet to lose weight. Not too deep, but at least know whether you eat some what every day and whether it is suitable. Even if you don’t do a lot of exercise, the diet structure and calories are reasonable, it will have the effect of losing weight.

It is not expensive to buy a food scale. Know that you eat more or less every day.

Abandon all kinds of processed and packaged foods. Choose more foods with the original appearance of animals and plants.

Learn the exercise method that suits you. Don’t be as professional as fitness people, but you should know the basic warm-up, stretching, strength, resistance, aerobic, anaerobic and safety protection measures, which are all about what.

Prepare a soft tape measure. It is used to detect changes in waist circumference and hip circumference, which can better reflect whether your lines look good or not and your health condition than your weight.

Set a reasonable weight target. BMI is 18.5 ~ 24, which is the normal weight. 21 is ideal. Don’t always have to be less than 90 kg, but a good woman can’t be more than 100.

Set a reasonable weight loss speed. 1 ~ 2 kg per week is preferred (not 1 kg per day! ), it is best to lose about 1% of your weight every week.

Adhere to moderate exercise and pay attention to rest. Take improving physical fitness as the main goal, basically fix the habit of exercise time, and do not exercise every day.

Upgrade to high-intensity exercise. After advanced, you should do high-intensity exercise, and then increase your diet and strengthen nutrition, instead of just eating less.

Relax and stick to it slowly.

This is why I say [shut up and keep your legs open] is the worst weight loss advice.

I won’t easily throw down 6 words to a weight-loss white and then turn around and leave: [the rest depends on your luck…]

I don’t want to see more people, lose weight rebound, reduce to [eating disorder], reduce to malnutrition, reduce to not come big aunt to angel guard.

Take more responsibility for yourself and others. Don’t take these six words as your pet phrase.

Share experiences and methods with more people: don’t fall into the trap of [shut up and keep your legs open].

Fat, not a crime. You are already beautiful.