Osteoporosis wants self-examination? Look at these methods

It is suggested that high-risk groups should go to regular hospitals for osteoporosis detection as soon as possible so as to achieve early diagnosis, prevention and treatment.

The following questions can help self-test the high-risk situation of osteoporosis.

1. Have you ever hurt your bones due to a slight collision or fall?

2. Have you taken [cortisone, prednisone] hormone drugs for more than 3 consecutive months? (Thyroid hormone drugs are not counted, such as Youjiale and Retis)

3. Is your height 3cm lower than when you were young?

Do you often drink too much? (Drink twice or more per day, or do not drink for only 1-2 days in a week)

Do you smoke more than 20 cigarettes a day?

Do you often have diarrhea? (caused by celiac disease or enteritis)

7. Do parents suffer from hip fracture due to slight collision or fall?

Ma’am, please answer the following questions, man, please answer the following questionsDid you have menopause before you were 45? Do you suffer from impotence or lack of sexual desire?
Have you ever had no menstruation for more than 12 consecutive months (except during pregnancy)?

Note: If any of the following answers are [Yes], they are high-risk groups and should go to the osteoporosis specialist clinic.

It is suggested that elderly and low-weight women should pay special attention to osteoporosis. Doctors often use [skinny old lady] to describe such high-risk groups. In addition, lack of exercise and light are also risk factors for osteoporosis in young people.