Want to grow taller in science? It’s not that there is no way out.

-My father xx cm, my mother xx cm, I am xx cm now, can I still grow taller?

It may depend on how old you are.

-I am over 20 years old, is it possible to grow taller?

It’s not impossible, but…

-But what?

This [but] wants to say what? Is height related to what? Is there any way to grow up scientifically?

Let’s not worry about getting cold first, and listen to the orthopaedic doctor’s answer with Dr. Clove.

Height: Seven points are doomed and three points depend on hard work.

Although we have been looking for ways to grow taller, the fact is that 60% ~ 85% of a person’s height depends on genes.

This is not to say that a person’s height will be exactly the same as that of his parents, but how tall he can grow in his life may be almost determined from the moment he is born.

The whole process of bone lengthening is like building a skyscraper.

Scaffolding of sufficient height is required to build a building before it is built. The bone’s chondrocytes are the scaffolding for bone growth. Through the scaffolding, workers (osteoblasts) carry raw materials (proteins, minerals, etc.) up the stairs (blood vessels) to build tall buildings step by step.

As the scaffolding continues to grow higher (chondrocytes continue to proliferate), the length of bone also continues to increase, and people also continue to grow taller.

Before teenagers, bone growth was mainly completed under the promotion of [growth hormone]. With the development of teenagers, the secretion of [sex hormone] began…

Teenagers: The Turning Point of Growth

If growth hormone can make bones grow longer, sex hormone is blocking the way bones grow longer.

1. Adolescence: the golden age of growing taller

Starting from the womb, bones start all kinds of work in order to grow longer, and reach the golden age of stimulating high potential in adolescence. Boys are about 12-16 years old and girls are about 10-14 years old.

It was also from this time that the skyscraper project began to slow down until the final cap was completed.

2. Sexual maturity: Countdown to height growth

When the body starts to secrete sex hormones, boys and girls begin to enter the period of sexual maturity, boys are about 14-15 years old and girls are 12-14 years old.

Starting from the first spermatorrhea of boys and the first big aunt of girls, the countdown to the long-term height cycle began.

With the continuous release of sex hormones, the channels for bone growth are [blocked] and finally the legendary [epiphyseal line] is formed.

Once the epiphyseal line is closed, the space for long height basically disappears.

If you want to grow taller, is there any what method?

1. Jump, pull, will you grow taller?

Always see many athletes tall, naturally will feel that all kinds of sports, such as what stretching, jumping, swimming, etc. will make people taller.

Unfortunately, even during the growth and development period, bones are not rubber, and the influence of various stretches on them is extremely limited.

You know, it is not these sports that make athletes have good bodies, but because they have good bodies that they join these sports…

2. Will you grow taller if you supplement this and eat that?

If you have passed the age of growing up and continue to supplement calcium, growth hormone, protein and other nutrients, the answer is basically the same: bones will not grow any longer.

3. What about the agreed [three points depend on hard work]?

Seeing this, you may be a little disappointed in your heart, but I also said at the beginning that there are still [three points to struggle] for height.

As long as you spell it right, it is not impossible to grow higher and higher.

If it is still in its growth and development period:

To seize the growth period of gold, one must eat comprehensively, nutritionally and evenly, including all kinds of carbohydrates, proteins, fats and all kinds of vitamins and minerals needed by the body.

It is not enough to rely on only one cup of milk a day.

Balanced diet is the only factor that has been proved to promote height growth.

If the growth period has passed:

If you want to tap some height potential after your development period…

First, find a way from the spine.

If imaging examination reveals scoliosis or hunchback of the spine, it can be slightly taller by restoring the spine to the correct curvature.

Daily back training, traction and stretching, and horizontal bar lifting are all good choices.

Second, try to stand up straight.

Chest hunchback has become the habitual posture of too many people, and many people even feel a little tired when standing up straight.

This is not only a matter of height, but also a great harm to the body for a long time. No matter for what reason-come on, hold your head high and be one inch taller!

Third, do you think the height pad does not exist?

There are always more ways than problems. If you really care about your height, there is no problem with a height pad. Height is yours, life is yours, and you can make any choice for yourself.

Ten thousand steps back, the height is really not that important. There are too many things in life that require us to invest our time and energy, don’t you think?