Reading Picture Books: Protect Yourself First When Meet Bad People

Every child is born as an angel, with a strong sense of right and wrong and a sense of responsibility. He will feel aggrieved when meeting bad people. However, because children are too young to weigh, they are likely to hurt themselves when doing good deeds.

In order to protect children from taking drugs by mistake, Dr. Clove gave parents the following advice:

Parents should pay attention to let their children know that what is illegal, what was wrong, Set up children’s correct view of right and wrong from an early age. For young children, Parents should educate their children how to protect themselves, When it comes to bad people and bad things, The first thing to do is to protect yourself, not to let yourself be hurt, and to find any bad behavior, you should get in touch with adults in time, not to make your own decisions and make a move. At ordinary times, you can tell your child to call the police, educate your child to contact the police after leaving the scene of the crime, and describe what you have seen and heard to the police to help solve the case.

The following story can be told by parents to their children to help them fight against bad people on the premise of protecting themselves.

Doctor Clove Tells Story: Three Chickens Travel

Mother Chicken has three treasures, Squeaking Chicken, Goo Goo Chicken and Quack Chicken. Although the three little guys have different personalities, they all have a common interest, that is, to travel.

On this day, the three chickens made an appointment to go to the North Pole to see the ice sculpture exhibition.

Travelers should bring sunglasses, not to mention the white North Pole, where Squeaks hold sunglasses on their heads.

Travelers cannot help but know the direction. The opposite direction of the compass is the North Pole. The goo goo chicken carries the compass.

Travelers cannot always ask for directions. They must learn to read maps by themselves. Quack chickens take maps with them.

One sunny morning, the three chickens set off separately.

Squeaky Chicken passed through Financial Street. He saw a group of guys with large sacks on their backs jumping out of the window of Huahua Bank.

[Ah! It’s a thief. What should I do? Of the three treasures of Mother Chicken, Squeaks Chicken is the smallest, and it is the strong Goo Goo Chicken who comes forward to solve things for him on weekdays.

I couldn’t beat myself, but I couldn’t think of a good way for a while. Squeaks hid behind the wall in a hurry and watched the bad guys swagger away.

Goo goo chicken passed by the gourmet street, with delicious food and delicious meat pie… shops went one by one, with everything delicious.

At this time, I saw a few people rolling around on the ground.

[Fighting in broad daylight, how can this work? As soon as the goo goo chicken’s hot temper came up, he ran to the fight regardless. However, because he could not beat others, he was beaten black and blue by the swinging fist.

Quack chicken passed by the commercial street, beautiful clothes, beautiful accessories… this is the busiest place. Suddenly I heard [robbing the bag! ], it turns out that Aunt Bear met the group of bad guys who stole the bank. Quack Chicken saw that they were all carrying sticks, swords and spears. Knowing that it was too dangerous to fight hard, he hid in the corner and called 110 to call the police.

[Tidu-Tidu-] The police car arrived and the bad guys were caught. For this reason, Quack Chicken won a big medal from the Forest Police Department for [Wit and Courage].

Through the downtown to the wild.

Quack Chicken walked faster with confidence with the medal. According to the instructions on the map, he was the first to reach the North Pole.

After recovering from the injury, the goo goo chicken followed the opposite direction of the compass to the north. Although he often entered a dead end, he did not give up and finally reached the North Pole.

Because there is no map and compass, Squeaking Chicken travels the longest distance and takes the most time, but a real traveler cannot give up halfway and he came many days later.

The three little travelers got together and decided to take a box of ice sculptures back to their mother. On the way home, everyone talked and laughed. They were very happy and arrived home soon.

[Mom, come and see the good things.] The three babies scrambled to show their mother the gifts brought by the North Pole. [Can the children tell their mother what happened on the way first? ]

The mother chicken worries about the babies all day long. When she learns about what the three baby chickens did when they met the bad people, the mother chicken praises the quack chicken because he not only saved himself, but also let the bad people get the punishment they deserve.

[Your gift must be Mom’s favorite.] Mother Chicken happily opened the box with the babies.

[Ah! ] A tank full of water, as the ice sculpture melted early on the road. The three babies squatted on the ground like frustrated rubber balls.

Good boy, it doesn’t matter. This water can be used to irrigate the vegetable garden, and the vegetables must grow well. This is the water transported from the North Pole! ] Mother Chicken smiled and caressed the three baby chickens.

Experts’ Words to Children

Children, what should you do if you meet thieves or robbers when you go out? Don’t blindly act righteously. Because you are too young to have enough strength to fight against bad people, you should first protect yourself. In this case, you can ask adults for help or call the police in a safe place. Please pay attention to the following points:

1. When traveling, try to keep your money or valuables such as mobile phones to your parents or family members. If you go out by yourself, keep your money or valuables out of sight such as schoolbags.

2. If you encounter thieves or saboteurs doing bad things on the road, you should realize that you are still a child and have no ability to fight against bad people. You should first protect yourself and not rush forward regardless of everything.

3. If there are adults around, you can whisper what you see to adults and ask adults for help.

4. If you have no relatives nearby, you can call the police and tell the police uncle after leaving the scene for a certain distance.