Red dates, red beans, beef and mutton… only when you eat red food like this [enriching blood and nourishing heart]

Sauce-stained pork ribs in soy sauce

Sweet strawberries

Hot Pepper Oil

Well… thinking about thinking, indeed as expected hungry.

Indeed, color will affect people’s appetite. Warm-tone foods such as red are especially easy to make people have a big appetite and move their index fingers. No one will dislike them?

Where does red come from?

Heme iron

Representative foods are red meat, viscera, blood tofu, etc.

Iron is mainly in hemoglobin and myoglobin of livestock and poultry meat. Due to the different chemical valence states of iron, red is also divided into bright red and dark red.


Shouldn’t anthocyanins be purple like blueberries? In fact, there are from red to purple to blue. Many fruits and vegetables turn red with vinegar and blue with alkali, which is the reason why anthocyanins are contained.

Representative foods include peach, hawthorn, jujube, pomegranate, red grape, red apple, red bean…


Shouldn’t carotenoids be orange like carrots? In fact, there are yellow, orange, red and purple.

The most typical are lycopene in tomatoes and watermelons, and capsaicin in red peppers.

Monascus, Beet Red, Cochineal Red

There are also some minorities, such as the red of red fermented bean curd comes from red koji and beet head, the red of pitaya comes from beet red, and there is also a natural carmine pigment that is often used to make lipstick, which is cochineal (edible). Isn’t it quite magical?

Red nutrition, eat like this

Red bean and big red bean are high-quality staple foods.

The red beans we often eat are both [red adzuki beans] and [red kidney beans]. Beans are very good whole grain grains.

Adzuki bean has a slow sugar increase (the sugar increase index of Adzuki bean is only 33) and is rich in dietary fiber, which is helpful for intestinal health. It is suitable for all people to replace part of polished round-grained rice flour and cook porridge and sweet soup with Adzuki bean.

Strawberries and tomatoes are the only choices for dieters.

Strawberry is a kind of fruit with good taste, color value and nutrition. It is very sweet to eat, but the calories are low, which is helpful to lose weight. When you are hungry between meals or want to eat sweet food, you may as well have some strawberries.


Don’t eat too much, it is reasonable to eat no more than half a kilo a day. Strawberries are usually relatively expensive, so please consider the [body] of your wallet and do what you can.

However, whether it is a big tomato or a cherry tomato, it has low sweetness and strong satiety, and is even more suitable for weight loss.

Cherry (that is, cherries), medlar, expensive does not mean good nutrition.

Both carotenoids and anthocyanins are good antioxidant components and are helpful to improve vision.

People who often use eyes may as well eat more red and purple fruits and vegetables rich in anthocyanins.

The legendary cherry super iron supplement and cherries are longevity fruits, which are a bit exaggerated, and the high price is only due to the lack of products.

An old man who loves cherries lives to be 100 years old, which does not mean that he must eat cherries for a long life. People may still exercise, go to bed early, and do not smoke or drink.

Red food does not enrich blood, except…

Don’t worry, it’s not red dates, let alone brown sugar.

If you want to supplement iron by eating red dates, red beans, watermelons, etc., it is really better to have a piece of lean beef.

People often confuse [enriching blood with iron] [blood is red] [supplementing red food can enrich blood].

In fact? Remember three key points:

1. Iron supplement does not mean blood supplement;

2. Not all red foods are rich in iron;

3. Even for red dates with relatively high iron content, the absorption rate of [non-heme iron] is very low and iron supplement is limited.

The absorption rate of heme iron in red meat is relatively high, far higher than that of various red vegetable foods.

    For the majority of women, the monthly visit of the big aunt makes [iron supplement] especially important. For pregnant women, eating a moderate amount of red meat to supplement iron is good for themselves and their babies.

Similarly, blood tofu, liver, etc. can also effectively help supplement iron and help the rehabilitation of iron deficiency anemia.

Red nourishing heart? Eat less meat and eat more vegetarian food.

Traditional medicine holds that [red enriches blood and nourishes heart] is not the same as [heart] [blood] in modern medicine. But is red food really good for the heart?

    In plant red foods, If anthocyanins and other substances are ingested in large quantities, The risk of getting cardiovascular diseases is small. Lycopene supplementation also plays a certain role in preventing the occurrence and development of cardiovascular diseases. Red meat in animal red food is not very friendly to cardiovascular diseases. The main reason is that red meat often contains more saturated fat, which is easy to cause blood lipid problems when eaten too much, thus affecting cardiovascular health.

If you really want to [enrich the blood and nourish the heart], you should eat more fruits and vegetables and eat lean red meat in an appropriate amount.

Red food, whether meat or fruits, vegetables, grains and beans, is an important component of a balanced diet, but it does not mean that red food has what’s magic [substance] or [efficacy].

Paying attention to food nutrition is a good thing, but don’t blindly pursue the effect of [supplementing] or even [curing] a certain kind of food.

A balanced diet is the real basis of health. Eating comprehensively and moderately is the most important thing.