Should osteoporosis be treated and prevented? Authorities tell you the way

Osteoporosis can be prevented and treated.

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People should pay attention to the prevention of osteoporosis at all ages. The lifestyle of infants and young people is closely related to the occurrence of osteoporosis.

The mineral content in human bones reaches its highest level in their 30s, which is medically called peak bone mass. The higher the peak bone mass, the more [bone mineral bank] reserves in the human body, and the later and lighter the time and degree of osteoporosis in the elderly.

Middle-aged and elderly friends actively improve their diet and lifestyle, and insist on calcium and vitamin D supplementation to prevent or reduce osteoporosis.

A balanced diet:

Increase the intake of calcium and moderate amount of protein in the diet, and eat a low-salt diet. Calcium intake plays an irreplaceable role in preventing osteoporosis. Smoking, alcohol abuse, excessive intake of caffeine and high-phosphorus beverages will increase the risk of osteoporosis.

Moderate Exercise:

Human bone tissue is a kind of living tissue. During exercise, muscle activities will continuously stimulate bone tissue and make bones stronger. Exercise also helps to enhance the body’s reactivity, improve balance function and reduce the risk of falling. Thus osteoporosis is not easy to occur.

Increased sunlight exposure:

The Chinese diet contains very limited vitamin D, and a large amount of vitamin D3 depends on the synthesis of skin after exposure to sunlight and ultraviolet rays. Regular exposure to sunlight plays a key role in vitamin D production and calcium absorption. Normal people have at least 20 minutes of sunshine every day on average.

Hint: Sunscreen and sunshade will also increase the probability of osteoporosis in women. At ordinary times, when outdoor light is insufficient, you should apply thick sunscreen or sunshade when you go out, which will affect the synthesis of vitamin D in your body.

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The core of treatment is: early diagnosis, standardized treatment and reduction of hazards.

It is better to start treatment than not to treat osteoporosis at any stage. Early regular examination and standardized medication can minimize the risk of fracture, relieve symptoms such as bone pain and improve the quality of life.

The prevention and treatment of osteoporosis should be carried out under the guidance of doctors, and its prevention and treatment strategy includes two parts: basic measures and drug treatment.

1. Fundamental measures

Include lifestyle adjustments and basic bone health supplements.

(1) Adjust the lifestyle

    A balanced diet rich in calcium, low salt and moderate amount of protein; Pay attention to appropriate outdoor sports; Avoid smoking and drinking. Use drugs that affect bone metabolism with caution; Take various measures to prevent falls.

(2) Basic bone health supplements include calcium and vitamin D

2. Medication

Including anti-bone resorption drugs, bone formation promoting drugs and some drugs with multiple mechanisms. It must be applied under the guidance of doctors.

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