Six Truths about Eating Auricularia: Eating Auricularia to Clear Lung? Hypoglycemic? Lipid reduction? Can you be poisoned if you eat it for a long time?

The weather is hot and has no appetite? Let’s have a plate of cold agaric to stimulate the appetite.

In the balanced diet we advocate, it is recommended to eat about 100g (wet weight) of mushroom and algae food every day, which is ideal.

Auricularia auricula is a popular ingredient and is often controversial. Legend has it that Auricularia auricula has various magical [effects] and many taboos. Which are true and which are false?

Can Auricularia clear lung?

In case of serious air pollution or smog, it is often recommended to eat Auricularia auricula to clear the lung.

In fact, the [lung] of [clearing lung] in traditional Chinese medicine is not the lung organ commonly believed at present. At the same time, the ancients said [clearing the lung] was [lung heat], not [harmful particles from the air deposited in the lung].

PM2.5 enters the lungs through breathing, which may cause respiratory symptoms. However, Auricularia auricula enters the body through our digestive tract. The two have no chance to meet at all, let alone [clear].

If you insist on getting involved, it is: if you eat more agaric, at the same time, ensure a balanced diet, proper exercise and adequate sleep, it can really improve the body’s immunity. However, in this way, it is difficult to attribute [anti-smog] to agaric.

Can Auricularia reduce blood sugar and blood lipid?

The current research believes that Auricularia auricula polysaccharide has certain potential to reduce blood lipid, blood sugar and cardiovascular diseases, but the experimental concentration effect.

Just eating Auricularia auricula does not guarantee that it can reduce blood sugar and blood lipid. People who have suffered from related chronic diseases should be treated according to the doctor’s advice. They must not stop taking drugs by themselves and cannot replace drugs with Auricularia auricula to avoid delaying their illness.

However, it is highly encouraged and recommended to regard Auricularia auricula as a common vegetable and an essential part of a balanced diet.

Can Auricularia auricula be poisonous if soaked for too

In July 2015, Mr. Chen from Zhejiang Province was poisoned after eating Auricularia auricula soaked for 3 days, resulting in multiple organ failure. He was rescued for a week before he was out of danger.

Does agaric produce toxins after soaking for a long time? In fact, Auricularia auricula itself does not have toxins and will not convert toxins.

If the purchased Auricularia auricula only causes food poisoning after a long period of soaking, it is more likely that bacteria, mold, etc. contaminate Auricularia auricula and produce toxins during the soaking process.

Especially in the summer high temperature season, it is recommended to shorten the soaking time of Auricularia auricula as much as possible, or cover it with a layer of plastic wrap and put it into the refrigerator refrigerator to soak. Once Auricularia auricula has peculiar smell, spoilage and other conditions, do not eat it.

Can’t patients with bleeding tendency eat Auricularia?

Auricularia auricula has the effect of promoting blood circulation and is not suitable for patients with bleeding tendency.

This statement is probably derived from the [anticoagulant] effect of polysaccharide components in Auricularia auricula.

However, there are no reports of bleeding caused by eating Auricularia auricula at present, so there is no need to worry. The anticoagulant effect shown in the experiment is the purified and concentrated Auricularia auricula polysaccharide component, which is not equivalent to the soaked Auricularia auricula that we eat everyday.

If, out of concern for [in case of bleeding], it is still conservative to avoid eating Auricularia auricula during a special period and eat more other vegetables, fruits or fungi instead, this is no problem.

Can’t people with poor digestive function eat Auricularia auricula?

Auricularia auricula is rich in dietary fiber, so it is easy to suffer from diarrhea. People with poor digestive function should eat less Auricularia auricula, otherwise it will lead to flatulence and diarrhea.

In fact, the content of dietary fiber is really outstanding for dry agaric without soaking hair. However, the content of dietary fiber will drop a lot, about 2.6 g/100g, slightly higher than some vegetables and fruits, but cannot be compared with coarse grains and coarse cereals.

Therefore, even if the digestion function is poor, it is absolutely no problem to eat Auricularia auricula as an ordinary vegetable, and there is no need to deliberately not eat it.

Can Auricularia lose weight and relieve constipation?

Similarly, eating agaric alone will not reduce weight. However, eating as much dietary fiber as possible is indeed helpful for losing weight and relieving constipation.

Dietary fiber has strong water absorption capacity, which is shown in the stomach to increase the volume of contents, increase satiety and reduce people’s food intake. In the intestinal tract, it is shown to increase the volume of feces and shorten the time of feces in the intestinal tract, thus relieving constipation.

Whole grains, coarse cereals, vegetables, fruits, fungi and other foods can provide us with dietary fiber. Among them, Auricularia auricula has very low calories, which is a major advantage. Through eating more Auricularia auricula, eating more dietary fiber, increasing strong satiety, controlling appetite and reducing other junk food, it is still helpful.

Food Recommendations:

1. In three meals, especially breakfast, add cold dishes mainly composed of Auricularia auricula, such as Auricularia auricula mixed with shredded bamboo shoots, meat slices and shredded three.

2. Use Auricularia auricula as a side dish to cook fresh vegetable dishes, such as lotus pond stir-fry and clear stir-fry kale.

3. As an extra meal during the day, you can stew red date and agaric soup and medlar and tremella soup, which tastes better after being chilled first.