This training can not only improve the athletes’ reaction speed, but also prevent the elderly from falling down.

Friction! Friction! It’s the devil’s pace!

What kind of pace is the devil’s pace? Many people will think of words such as speed and sensitivity to describe it. In Tian Long Ba Bu, the martial arts Juexue Ling Bo Wei Bu is also famous for its speed and sensitivity. Many people think it is just a nihilistic legend.

However, in real life, there is indeed a kind of pace training method. Although there is no exaggeration like martial arts fantasy, it is often practiced and can walk as fast as a fly and be as light as a swallow.

Here, I’d like to introduce you to the sensitive ladder.

Exercise Effect of Sensitive Ladder

1. Improve lower limb sensitivity and speed

By limiting the size and frequency of strides, we can increase the sensitivity and speed of our lower limbs.

2. Improve the ability of fast direction change

Increased agility of lower limbs can improve our ability to change direction quickly. This is a very good and common training method for basketball, badminton, football, tennis and other sports that require sensitive feet.

3. Increase azimuth perception to prevent falls

Sensitive ladder exercises in different directions can improve our feeling in different directions and prevent fall injuries. This is also quite useful for the elderly or people who often wrestle.

Various Plays of Sensitive Ladder

1, high leg lift forward

The practice is the same as our normal high leg lifts, but we must ensure that every time our feet step into the grid of the rope ladder, we move forward one grid at a time.

Pay attention to touching the ground with toes to ensure the stability of the body. The faster the better.

2. Turn your hips and move forward.

During the exercise, the left foot steps into one grid at a time, the right foot starts at the left outside of the rope ladder, then follows the left foot forward and then turns to the right outside of the rope ladder, repeating in turn.

At the same time, pay attention to the movement of the right leg. There is a hip rotation movement. Also, touch the bottom with your toes. The faster the speed, the better.

3. Horizontal in and out

During the exercise, stand horizontally in the first grid of the rope ladder, then step forward with your right foot to the front of the rope ladder and keep up with your left foot. Then step into another grid with your right foot, and keep up with your left foot. Repeat in turn. It is also the toe touching the bottom, and the speed should be fast.

4. Z Forward

During the exercise, the left foot steps into the grid of the rope ladder, the rear foot immediately steps to the other side of the rope ladder, then the rear foot steps into the next grid, and the left foot steps to the other side of the rope ladder, repeating in turn.

No site restrictions

There is no sensitive ladder. What should I do? In fact, it is very cheap to buy it online.

It doesn’t matter if you really don’t want to spend that money, as long as there is an empty space and a piece of chalk, it can be done.

Do you still remember the house jumping game we played when we were young? It’s the same as that one. We can composition the picture on the ground according to the sensitive ladder. We can start practicing by drawing a ladder.