The difference between Dabao and Erbao, the things that the mother of the second child must know,

As the mother of two treasures, people often ask me such questions:

Is there any difference between raising two treasures and Dabao?

Of course there is! As [a former person], I really have a lot to say.

From birth to later nursing, the difference between Dabao and Erbao is really big. They brought me different feelings from childhood to adulthood. I wonder if your family is the same.

Celebrate one’s birth

A few days after Dabao was born, I suddenly had the illusion that I had never seen so many relatives in my life. Almost all my relatives and friends came to see Dabao and everyone was happy for Dabao’s birth.

However, when Erbao was born, although he was ready to receive guests, he found that there were not many people who came to celebrate.

Make records for the baby

When I was pregnant for the first time, I felt very fresh. I recorded everything during pregnancy and took selfies during pregnancy. Most of them were photos of my belly. Then I took pregnancy photos with my father with a big belly. Hey hey, although the whole person was round and beautiful.

However, when it was time to give birth to the second treasure, the freshness passed away, and it was only when I was about to give birth that I remembered that I didn’t even take many photos.

A vision of chest [secondary development]

When I was nursing Dabao, I was full of hope for the [secondary development] of my chest: oh, if I was not careful, I would raise the cup, hey hey…

Arriving at Erbao: Forget it, try it, no chance!

Babies cry at night

When Dabao was young, he cried at night. What worried me most was that Dabao was not feeling well. He got up immediately and felt sweat.

Er Bao cried, and I was worried, but what was urgent was that if Dabao was woken up and the two [loudspeakers] went into battle together, it would be sour and refreshing…

Education for babies

When I raised Dabao, I mainly encouraged him to do everything. He praised him from the bottom of his heart. If he made mistakes, he patiently reasoned with him. It is a typical model mother. I want to send myself a little red flower.

Now I have two treasures. When they fight together or do something wrong, although I also want to sit down and reason with them, I often can’t bear to be temperamental in the face of two preserved eggs. I will seize a lesson first and say it again (this really requires reflection).


When I was holding Dabao, I really wanted to tell him: you are my first child and the best gift from heaven. I will love you more than anyone else.

When Erbao was lying in his arms, I also wanted to tell her: You are my second child, thank you for making my children both good. You are happier than Dabao, because you have one more brother than him, and Dabao will love you as much as his parents.

The family went out to play

When there is only Dabao, it is quite convenient for the family to go out and play: two adults take care of a child, which is quite comfortable. Many fun things can be experienced with Dabao.

However, with the two treasures, the two people and their two children are often in a hurry. At this time, I will think, oh my god, why should I bring them out!

Toys and articles for daily use

Dabao has had many toys since he was born and has kept them everywhere in his home.

When Erbao was just born, I thought to myself that toys and daily necessities can be used for the second time, and there should be a lot of money left. However, the actual situation is still constantly buying in buy buy, always feeling that things are not enough and not enough.

Mother’s Experience

When I took Dabao, I was completely inexperienced and took it while learning.

By the time Erbao was born, ah, the accumulated experience was finally put to use again. Hey hey, now I can share my parenting experience with you, thanks to the exercise of the two treasures.

Baby’s Safety

When I brought Dabao alone, I was already on tenterhooks enough, for fear that if I was not careful, Dabao would have another what incident when I could not see it.

This is especially true after I have two treasures. I am not only scared by two: two preserved eggs, which can cause more things than I can imagine.

Love is the same

The only thing in common is my love for them.

Although it is sometimes difficult to make a bowl of water even, the palms and backs of the hands are all meat. Whether it is Dabao or Erbao, mother’s love for them is the same.