The doctor instructs you how to choose a mattress so that you can sleep well at night.

About one-third of a person’s life needs to sleep, which is crucial to his physical and mental health. The mattress is a very important part of the bedding. A suitable mattress can make you sleep well at night and feel energetic the next day.

Therefore, it is worth buying yourself a satisfactory and fitting mattress.

Is soft or hard?

Buying an inappropriate mattress can sometimes be like having a nightmare. The price of mattresses on the market varies greatly and it is difficult to choose. Dr. Clove gives you some tips from the following aspects:

1. Soft or hard?

The hardness of the mattress is almost the most important characteristic.

There is no absolute saying that soft is good or hard is good, and it has more to do with personal habits. However, whether soft or hard, you must be able to fully support your body, and it is a good mattress that does not cause pain.

STEP 2 Consider the various sleeping positions

A mattress that can meet the needs of sleeping on one’s back and on one’s side at the same time can be considered a good mattress. This is because when the average person sleeps, there will be several changes in sleeping posture and the support required will be different.

Therefore, when trying to sleep, you must try several postures.

3. Single or double?

Some spring mattresses do have good elasticity, but it also means that you may be woken up by your tossing and turning partner while sleeping soundly.

4. What is expensive is good?

High-priced products are likely to be expensive in exquisite decoration, but this is not the main factor to consider when choosing a good mattress. You have to keep your eyes open and compare carefully.

OK, try to know

STEP 1 Be sure to try to sleep

Before buying, it is best to lie down and feel it yourself, otherwise it may cost a lot of money, but it is difficult to sleep for several years.

It is suggested that it is best to feel it for 10 minutes in the posture of sleeping on one’s back, sleeping on one’s side and lying on one’s stomach respectively. This is the most direct method. Because the degree of hardness and softness introduced by the manufacturer may not be completely consistent with your actual feelings.

Step 2 Consider seasonal factors

It is best to keep warm when the weather is cold and not too hot in summer.

Step 3 Consider the material

If you have allergy to a certain material, you must pay attention to the material.

Step 4 Understand the warranty period

Mattresses also have warranty and service life. You need to consider your own situation, consult with merchants and choose the right one.

How to choose the baby’s mattress?

The baby’s time in bed accounts for most of the day. In addition to sleeping, he will also play, move, sweat, defecate and urinate in bed, etc.

Therefore, it is even more important to buy a healthy and suitable mattress for the baby.

The first thing to consider is whether the size of the bed matches the mattress. If the mattress is much larger than the bed, the mattress piled up on the edge of the fence beyond the size of the bed may cause the baby to be stuffed and have an accident when he sleeps.

Secondly, for newly bought mattresses, all packages must be removed and put in a ventilated place to dry, so as to remove peculiar smell and volatilize some residual chemicals.

Finally, we must do a good job of cleaning regularly. Mites, urine and feces stains, etc. may make the baby sick.

I wish you can buy a satisfactory mattress and sleep well at night.

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