The quality of [sex] is not very good? Losing weight may help you

If losing weight for your health is not attractive to you in what, will having a better sex life make you more motivated?

The authoritative journal Obesity published a professional article on the relationship between obesity and sex. Well, thanks to Duke University experts, you have successfully attracted everyone’s attention.

Fat people complain more about sex,

The latest study found that obesity has led to an increase in people’s complaints about sex. If people of normal weight complain once, fat people will complain 25 times…

Ah, I think oh, I haven’t been so happy every time XXOO recently (the pleasure of sex life has decreased);

I don’t want this to happen recently (the demand for sex is reduced);

Recently XXOO has become very difficult (sexual dysfunction);

Recently, I tried my best to avoid physical contact with TA (avoiding sexual contact);

Moreover, the content of complaints between men and women is quite different.

Male, simple and rough, is usually impotence, also known as Erectile Dysfunction (ED).

The problem with girls’ paper, like wool, is endless. For example, they often say:

Where did you get single dog XXOO friends (lack of sexual partners);

Even if there is a husband, it is once a year (the frequency of sex life decreases);

Ouch, people are not satisfied with their body shape, which not bashful and beloved him XXOO (shame and low self-esteem caused by obesity)…

Therefore, once you are overweight, the number of damage points to women’s sexual life is far greater than that of men.

How Obesity Affects Sex Life

1. Physiological disorders of sexual function

The director of the Medical Center of the University of New York said that elevated cholesterol levels in the blood or pathological factors such as insulin resistance (IR) often affect the accumulation of lipid deposits in male blood vessels, often leading to atresia of arterioles on the penis and eventually impotence.

Of course, overweight women will also have the problem of blood flow obstruction. When the blood vessels leading to the clitoris become narrow, women’s sexual needs and desires will also weaken.

As you gain weight, the level of sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG), an endogenous chemical, will also rise. The more it binds to testosterone, the less stimulation it will have to sexual demand.

2. Public opinion affects psychology

[Thin is Beauty], public opinion has brought us this simple and crude visual impact, which has made almost everyone accept this distorted concept. This deep-rooted social prejudice makes people whose weight is not within the aesthetic scope feel dejected and their fiery sexual desire is directly poured into ice and cold.

In movies and TV works, it seems that only slim women’s paper is qualified to hold handsome men back. Among them, although the Korean drama < < My name is Jin Sanshun > > is an exception, how can a woman who slimmed down quickly after filming easily say it?

However, men are also easy to think that they are not in good shape, not of enough size, not confident in their external appearance, and their sexual life performance is not satisfactory. Then they are anxious and even afraid to try sexual life. Without physiological problems, they are not strong enough.

Weight Loss Improves Sex Life

Here comes the good news! Studies have shown that as long as you lose weight, all the above problems can be improved or even eliminated. Even if you lose only 10 kg, you can promote the release of testosterone and almost immediately improve the pleasure of sex life.

The journal Obesity said that strong evidence supports that weight loss can improve male sexual function. There is other evidence that most successful weight loss women have greatly improved their frequency and satisfaction with sex life, as have their body satisfaction, self-esteem and interest in sex life.

Tips for Weight Loss:

1. Maintain a low-fat diet and eat more fresh fruits and vegetables: it can not only control blood sugar and blood lipid within a reasonable range, but also stimulate impulse immediately.

2. Maintain regular exercise: Not only can you lose weight, but also can accelerate the blood circulation in pelvic cavity, thus achieving unexpected sexual life harvest!

3. Increase the exercise of large muscle groups: The exercise that can promote the blood flow of large muscle groups is the best, such as the exercise training for thighs, buttocks and pelvis, etc. Practicing yoga, cycling and even trying intermittent exercise can provide better blood circulation to arterioles as long as you stick to it for 20 minutes a day, even if you only exercise three times a week.

4. Consult a psychologist: If you try to lose weight no matter how hard you fall down and get frustrated, try to consult a psychologist. Only by accepting your own body can you love yourself more. In addition, if you have eating behavior disorders such as bulimia and anorexia, you also need the help of a psychologist to treat and recover.