To treat diabetes, it is not enough to look at blood sugar alone.

Diabetes patients often have such doubts:

Why do I control my blood sugar well and have complications so quickly?

In fact, the comprehensive treatment of diabetes is not only as simple as blood sugar control.

The comprehensive control objectives of diabetes include blood sugar, blood lipid, kidney function, activity and body weight.

Today, Dr. Clove has sorted out the comprehensive control targets for type 2 diabetes. Come and have a look!

Compared with these indicators, come and have a look. Have you reached the standard?

If we don’t meet all the standards, we don’t have to worry too much, because the improvement of any of the above indicators is beneficial to our health.

Therefore, don’t be discouraged and cooperate with the doctor for good treatment.

What needs to be reminded here is that the level of the above indicators is a reference standard.

The specific control objectives of each person need to be consulted with a doctor, who will make comprehensive consideration based on your age, duration of illness, complications, other diseases and other factors.