Weekly Records of Pregnancy Delivery (3): Is Painless Delivery Really Painless?

In the two hours waiting for the anesthesiologist to come, I relied on the belief that [the anesthesiologist will be here soon], Over and over again, the contraction became more and more intense. Analgesic and painless are two different things. At about 7 o’clock in the morning, with the sound of [gurgling] rollers, Dr. Pei appeared in front of me with a group of people and a large wave of equipment. I looked like a drowning man and saw a straw close at hand. [Hold your knees and form a ball, don’t move when the contraction came! ] According to Dr. Pei’s instructions, I lay in bed, Turn your back to her, The big belly and thighs stuck together with difficulty. Dr. Pei sat by the bed. After giving me the anesthetic, The puncture began. Painless labor should be more accurately called [labor analgesia]. There are various methods to reduce the pain during childbirth. There are also various methods. Including the breathing method used by Miss Zhou, and underwater childbirth. In addition, anesthesia is used. At present, the most widely used, the most accurate effect, the safest and most effective is Miss Zhou’s [intraspinal block]: This method can keep the parturient awake all the time and eat and drink water at any time. While relieving contractions, Does not affect uterine contraction, does not affect abdominal muscle strength. It can also reduce the oxygen consumption of expectant mothers. Reduce the incidence of intrauterine distress of babies, The concentration of anesthetic in umbilical cord blood after delivery was significantly lower than the toxic dose, It can be considered harmless to the baby. Of course, This method requires a professional anesthesiologist to operate. Dr. Pei placed a catheter in the epidural of Miss Zhou’s spinal canal. The other end of the catheter is connected to an analgesic pump. When the pain is unbearable, You can press the small button on the analgesic pump, Low concentrations of local anesthetic drugs and small doses of analgesic drugs will be injected into my spinal canal through this catheter, and the pain will be temporarily relieved to a certain extent. Dr. Pei is operating quickly, and the uterine contraction pain is still aggravating in bursts. Just when I feel that I can’t help it, there is a “OK” behind me! Then there was a chilly feeling at the waist and spine. It radiated along a straight line to the buttocks. Dr. Pei was right to say this chilly feeling. It didn’t take long. When the contractions rise again, It seems that the pain is not so much, and the soreness of the waist and legs is relieved. From hell to heaven, it is probably this kind of feeling. However, just when I was relieved, Dr. Pei said, “Just now that I just tried it, it didn’t work. You haven’t prescribed it to three fingers yet, and it hasn’t reached the active period, so this medicine can’t be used for you continuously now.” When this dose of medicine has passed and the pain starts again, you should not press that button yourself, otherwise in case the uterine contraction slows down or stops, you will be in trouble. Press it after three fingers are opened.] what? Can you use it until you reach three fingers? Does this mean that after the drug effect in the body has passed, the short happiness will end and Miss Zhou will [return to before liberation overnight]? Just as I was about to howl to express my dissatisfaction, The obstetrician at the edge said faintly: [In the latest guide, the active period starts from the opening of six fingers, and it is not bad for you to calculate from three fingers…] Well, well, for the [free] three fingers, girl, I have to shut up. In despair, I remembered that Dr. Pei actually said two most important words in prenatal communication: the first sentence [labor analgesia is not painless]; The second sentence [at least three fingers can only be used]. However, because I did not realize the power of uterine contraction pain at that time, These two words were ignored by me. Looking back now, The difference between [analgesic] and [painless], It’s a big difference. I don’t know how long it took, The contraction pain gradually recovered and exceeded the previous level. Perhaps the effect of anesthetic is too obvious, All previous analgesic methods have failed more thoroughly. And every time the pain strikes, it will arouse deep frustration and injury in my heart. Finally, I can only turn to a psychological consultant, who told me, try to pay attention to the pain, accept the pain, and don’t reject and resist it. He also told Dr. Tian that he should always be with me and convey his concern and love with his eyes and body contact… In short, the power of psychological factors is endless. In this way, every time the uterine contraction gap, the girl will pass out wearily and briefly. Every time the uterine contraction rises, use various methods to try to spend it. Nervous, anxious, sad… All kinds of emotions are interwoven in silence, and the ward is calm, but the dark tide is surging. Uterine contraction pain, personal experience will understand for uterine contraction pain, different professional have different descriptions: about 50% of parturients feel severe pain during childbirth, unbearable; Of these, 20% felt extremely severe pain, even reaching the point of [not wanting to live]; The proportion of primiparas is as high as 44%. This kind of pain not only helps obstetricians to judge the progress of labor, It is not beneficial to the mother or the fetus. Childbirth pain is not only a kind of physical pain, It is also easy to arouse the major trauma in one’s heart. It is also one of the causes of postpartum depression. Zhou girl in pregnancy, As to whether to summon up courage to give birth smoothly, As for how to endure the pain of childbirth, After a long period of consultation, study and struggle, I finally told myself: [Stretch your head, Shrinking the head is also a knife], Since we know the great benefits of natural childbirth to both mothers and infants, Then you should face the pain more bravely. At that moment, I thought I was already psychologically, Ready to accept the pain of childbirth, I have also used this idea many times to comfort my sisters who are struggling with me. Even triumphant to think that he had grown up through this ideological struggle. However, Only when things came to an end did I find that how’s preparation for uterine contraction pain was [insufficient]. Any words were pale and those who had not personally experienced them would never understand it. It was 11 o’clock at noon, and the doctor came to the internal examination again. The good news is: finally, when the three fingers were opened, labor analgesia could be used. The bad news is: I pressed the small button on the analgesic pump and found-it didn’t work! No matter how to press, there is no sign of relief in the pain. Is it because the device is broken? Is the pipe blocked? Or do I belong to the 3% analgesic failure? All hope for labor analgesia, kengniang ah anesthesiologist rushed to do the examination, everything is normal. Then there is only one explanation left: labor analgesia does relieve the pain, if there is no analgesia, it will only be more painful; The most obvious effect now is that the pain has remained at the current level. Once again, the effectiveness of labor analgesia has been overestimated. It is like seeing a lifeline drifting in front of you and being caught by the drowning person, only to find that it is only a straw. This is more desperate than not seeing the straw and not catching the straw. What about what? For parturients who do not use intraspinal block, You can play a dolantin, Most people can sleep in a daze, When I wake up, my uterus is usually fully opened], but I can’t reuse it. Or, I can sit on yoga fitness balls and find a relatively comfortable position. However, I can’t use this tactic either because I am worried that my leg control will decline under anesthesia and the sitting on the ball will cause danger. This can’t do it, that can’t do it, what can do it? If the ward window had been closer to me, I might jump straight through the window. At 2 p.m., Dr. Pei came to visit after the operation. And injected another narcotic into the analgesic pump. Soon, I feel the waist and legs relax quickly, The pain quickly receded, When the uterus shrinks again, Only a slight sore feeling remained. [This is before you enter the second stage of labor, One last chance to rest. Go to sleep quickly.] Doctor Pei said when he left. In this way, From 2 to 4, Miss Zhou slept in a daze for two hours. I thought I would wait so happily for the opening of the palace to be completed. Then happily enter the delivery room. I don’t know, At 4 o’clock, an internal examination by an obstetrician found that In two hours, it only reached three and a half fingers. Supposedly, after opening three fingers, At least one finger per hour. I’m too bad. Besides, The uterine contraction, which had previously occurred every 3 or 4 minutes, was also extended to every 7 or 8 minutes. The obstetrician decisively got oxytocin. Just hung up the intravenous drip, Uterine contraction quickly recovered to the frequency of once every 2 minutes, and the pain feeling also reached an unprecedented intensity. I think, not only is the lower abdomen painful, the whole back, two thighs, especially the inner side of the thigh root, as if every cell is strongly twisted and torn. Miss Zhou is almost howling: [I! No! Health! Come on! I really can’t hold on! [Shh, shouting can only consume physical strength.] The obstetrician is still calm and rational. [In fact, you look fine, not sweating, not delirious, and from the physiological performance, you can stick to it.] Finally, Dr. Pei used a simple and crude method to [subdue] me: [Let your mother out; Dr. Tian, you also go out! Just leave your wife in the ward. People close to you are easy to be emotionally vulnerable.] This time, Dr. Pei’s two most important words were finally deeply remembered by me. You can only rely on yourself, understand? People don’t die of pain, they all die of fear! Two words instantly sobered the girl. I remembered that Dr. Gao once said: “Childbirth is a major trauma to the heart, which can make people grow up and frustrate. Since it is insurmountable, it is better to step past than to bypass it!” ] That’s it, Things have turned 180 degrees. Stop shouting, No more despair, By reciting these two words silently, He passed the contractions without expression. Finally, at 5: 20, he entered the delivery room. The obstetrician once again had an internal examination, and the uterine opening had already opened to 8 fingers quickly, which was really unexpected. The obstetrician was very happy, [it is estimated that he can open the whole at 6 o’clock, then he will give you another examination, and the whole can enter the delivery room.] He also instructed me, [if you have a strong feeling of defecation, you must not exert yourself, and call the doctor immediately! At 5: 40, I had a strong sense of convenience, so I called the doctor. The speed is so fast that even the doctor doesn’t believe it. [Go, go to the delivery room! ] Finally, I heard the first such exciting good news since the contraction began nearly 19 hours ago. A large group of doctors and nurses moved, some moved the equipment, some pushed to move the bed, some began to direct the family to move me… the most important moment was coming, but I felt as if my strength was running out. Can I still have a smooth birth? Everything was like the corridor at the door of the ward that did not know where to lead. At that moment, it became the biggest unknown.