What Diabetes Mellitus and Ketone Body Must Say

Hello, sugar friends, we are the three brothers of ketone body. Compared with the blood sugar sisters, perhaps we are not very familiar with us.

However, we must not be underestimated. The health of our three brothers and sugar friends is closely linked. If you have noticed, we will be on the test sheet when checking urine routine.

Today, at the invitation of Dr. Clove, our three brothers are here to introduce themselves to you. I hope you can know more about us and coexist peacefully with you.

Ketone body three brothers, small size also has great use.

Our three brothers in ketone body are called-hydroxybutyric acid, acetoacetic acid and acetone respectively. Ketone body is the general name for us. We did not jump out of the crevices of stones, but were born through a series of chemical changes in the liver after fat decomposition. Our birth is the manifestation of the body’s use of fat.

We have our own sacred mission, that is, to enter the heart, skeletal muscles, kidneys and brain to provide some energy needed for life activities. Our existence depends on the decomposition of human fat, and the normal life activities of the human body also need our assistance.

Generally speaking, our three brothers have very little in blood and no trace of us in urine. Although-hydroxybutyric acid and acetoacetic acid are acidic substances, due to their small amounts, they will not cause harm to the body under normal circumstances.

Three Brothers of Ketone Body, Sugar Friends Overburdened by Population Expansion

If, for various reasons, the speed of fat decomposition accelerates, our team becomes larger and larger, and the population of the ketone brothers family expands, the sugar friends’ bodies will be overwhelmed.

For example, when the diet is too strict, the carbohydrates such as rice and noodles are eaten less in the food, and the glucose converted in the body is also less, which is not enough to provide energy for the body. As a result, our body will turn to fat decomposition and let our ketone body provide energy.

For sugar lovers, the body often has obstacles in using glucose. Glucose, which should provide energy to the body, is lazy. Sugar lovers’ bodies have to decompose fat and let our ketone bodies become energy sources.

In these cases, with the decomposition of fat, more and more ketone bodies are produced by brothers. However, we cannot all enter the heart, skeletal muscles, kidneys and brain to supply energy. Many brothers can only do nothing in the blood and will develop ketosis.

If the situation is further aggravated, because we are very acidic, we can even disturb the acid-base balance in the body. Blood (pH 7.35 ~ 7.45), which is originally weakly alkaline, will also [turn acid], causing acidosis, which is [ketoacidosis].

Yes, the notorious acute complications of diabetes, [diabetic ketosis] and [diabetic ketoacidosis], are caused by glucose utilization disorder, continuous rise of blood sugar, insufficient energy supply by the body using glucose, and decomposition of large amounts of fat.

When the population of our brother’s family expanded to a certain extent, Sugar friends’ bodies also began to drive us away, and we ran away with urine or breath. At this time, routine urine tests will show positive ketone body, and the urine ketone body will appear a plus sign on the test form. Sugar friends with diabetic ketosis have the smell of rotten apples in their breathing, which is the unique smell of acetone, one of our three brothers.

In case of diabetic ketosis or more severe diabetic ketoacidosis, in addition to the above conditions, sugar lovers also show polyuria, dry mouth, no desire to eat, nausea, vomiting, sometimes headache, irritability, sleeplessness, deepening and accelerating breathing. In severe cases, the body will lose water, pulse weaken, blood pressure drop, and even coma.

Such disharmonious things are mainly caused by poor long-term control of blood sugar or sharp rise of short-term blood sugar, which is common in type 1 diabetes patients and type 2 diabetes patients with insufficient insulin secretion.

Also, for expectant mothers with diabetes, our ketosis three brothers are easy to find. They need a lot of energy, and if they overcontrol their diet or have high blood sugar for a long time, we will cause trouble. We can freely cross the placenta, which may affect fetal development.

In addition, ketosis may also occur if sugar lovers are complicated with cortisol reduction, growth hormone deficiency, alcoholism caused by heavy drinking, acute infection, etc.

Even sugar lovers with excellent blood sugar control, when fasting and strenuous exercise, fat decomposition accelerates to supply energy, we may also make trouble. For example, some sugar lovers fast for one night, go to the hospital on an empty stomach the next day for medical treatment and examination, and have to queue up for a long time and be hungry, so ketone bodies may be detected in urine.

Ketone body three brothers, want to coexist with you peacefully

Because our ketone body three brothers do more harm, everyone does not welcome us. In fact, if our relationship is properly handled, we can turn war into peace with sugar friends and coexist peacefully.

If sugar friends want to coexist peacefully with us, please write down the following tips as soon as possible.

  1. Diet is reasonable, regular, regular and quantitative, avoid uneven hunger and satiety, do not drink a lot, eat a lot of high-fat food;

  2. Moderate aerobic exercise, such as fast walking, jogging, swimming, etc., is advisable for half an hour a day, not strenuous exercise;

  3. Use hypoglycemic drugs according to the doctor’s advice and do not adjust the dosage or stop taking drugs.

  4. Monitoring blood sugar, fasting or 2 hours after meal blood sugar > 13.9 mmol/L, there is a risk of diabetic ketosis, please contact a doctor to adjust blood sugar as soon as possible;

  5. Physical discomfort such as cough, fever or urgent urination, pain in urination, or diarrhea may be signals of bacterial and viral infection, and may induce ketosis, which cannot be ignored and requires immediate medical treatment.

  6. In case of severe xerostomia, polyuria, fatigue, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain of unknown causes, or the smell of rotten apples exhaled from the mouth, ketosis or ketoacidosis should also be investigated in the hospital.

  7. Diagnosis of ketosis requires examination of urine routine or blood ketone.

  8. If ketosis or ketoacidosis is found, there is no need to be nervous. Drink more water and treat it under the guidance of a doctor.