When you are a mother, you can also look good. Take these skin care secrets well.

Ding Ma has a best friend who is beautiful and can dress up. Even the sisters have to wear makeup when they go out to watch movies.

Last week, she called Ding Ma excitedly and said she was pregnant. Before Ding Ma could congratulate her, she then asked:

You said, can my pile of bottles and jars continue to be used?

After that, my best friend checked a lot of information on the Internet and came to see Ding Ma’s careful homework.

So today, let’s not talk about babies, let’s talk about mothers’ own problems with our best friends:

With so many beauty products, which can be used safely during pregnancy and lactation? What needs to be avoided?

Don’t think Ding Ma is wordy. Before starting the inventory, you still have to emphasize:

All daily chemical products have strict safety standards. The content of this article is based on formal channels, formal brands and qualified products. (If you ask with the three-no facial mask bought by your circle of friends, Ding Ma has nothing to say …)

Let’s take a look at the makeup series first.

Safety Index: Full Score of Five Stars

1. Regular brand makeup

[Safety Index:]

My best friend: I usually use foundation, eyebrow pencil and lipstick most often. As far as I know, these three kinds should be no problem. Even if I want to put on some delicate makeup, it is nothing more than folding a few more layers of cream and powder. Even if I am pregnant, I can still continue to make up.

Ding Ma: There is nothing to worry about foundation and eyebrow pencil. Unlike lipstick, there is still the possibility of eating it into your stomach. Just take off your makeup well at night. However, Ding Ma thinks that you should not choose [waterproof type] for daily commuting. In fact, many people cannot take it off cleanly.

Lipstick applied on your mouth is always easily eaten by yourself. Some unqualified products may have the problem of excessive heavy metals, so it is very important to choose products with safe raw materials, standard manufacturing process and strict quality control.

2. Nail Products

[Safety Index:]

Best friend: When I was in college, several girls in the dormitory would buy nail polish to apply. The smell was extremely pungent.

Now, I use big brands of nail polish, which doesn’t smell very good. However, every once in a while, I will go to the nail salon and do my nails. They make them look much better than I do myself.

Ding Ma: Compared with traditional nail polish, many water-based nail polishes do have some improvements in composition, avoiding carcinogenic, regenerative toxicity and asthmatic effects.

In spite of this, there will be a lot of messy preparations used in nail art, and safety is still difficult to guarantee. For example, those three-no nail salons on the street, try not to go after pregnancy, who knows which layer after layer, what are all smeared.

3. Hair dye and perm

[Safety Index:]

Best friend: I checked on the Internet when I did my hair before. Hair dye what not only irritates the scalp, but also damages the hair quality. Therefore, I usually dye and perm twice a year. After pregnancy, I should not dare to do it again.

Besides, everyone said that the dyeing and ironing industry was mixed up with good and evil people. The stylist told you that what’s top salon products were used. Who believed it?

Ding Ma: In dyeing and ironing products, many ingredients have allergy. Even if the body is healthy and there is no special situation in what, there are about 5% of people who will have allergy when dyeing their hair. Not to mention the expectant mother during pregnancy, who is already in a very special physiological state, is more prone to allergy.

If you really want to dye and perm, you must ensure that your scalp is not damaged, choose qualified products, and test whether you are allergic behind your ears in advance. However, Ding Ma thinks that natural hair can also be very beautiful! For more than a year, if it is not necessary, it is better to do less trouble.

Let’s take a look at daily skin care products.

1. Products Containing Retinoic Acid

[Safety Index:]

Best friend: I have seen this before! It seems that some anti-wrinkle products are not suitable for pregnancy, right?

Ding Ma: Retinoic acid (also called retinoic acid) will be added to some products with the main functions of “anti-aging” and “anti-wrinkle”. It can absorb capillaries entering the dermis of the skin, thus entering the mother’s body, thus affecting the development of the baby in the belly and possibly causing fetal malformation in serious cases.

Ding Ma has to carry out this point separately and emphasize it. Starting from preparing for pregnancy, remember to pay more attention to the ingredient list. Don’t use those potentially dangerous ingredients.

2. [Anti-acne] product

[Safety Index:]

Best friend: I had a colleague before. It was quite effective to brush acid after acne. However, my skin is especially sensitive. When I use it, it will turn red and peel. This is really useless.

Ding Ma: Anti-acne products and some toner will be added with [salicylic acid], [tartaric acid], [azelaic acid] and other ingredients. It is not a big problem to use them occasionally, but long-term and large-scale use should be avoided.

Although there is no definite evidence for the time being that they will have what-specific effects on fetal development, the use of acid products will make the skin sensitive, make the epidermis less tolerant, destroy the skin barrier, and then cause other skin problems.

When Ding Ma was pregnant with Dabao, she did suffer from acne for a while, but later she slowly recovered. It is necessary to take drastic medicine to deal with acne at this special time. In case there is a what problem, wouldn’t it do more harm than good?

3. Other regular day care items you can think of

[Safety Index:]

Best friend: In my opinion, these skin care products used in daily life are generally safe, so after all, we still need to buy regular products!

Ding Ma: That’s right. Let’s take a look at common Japanese protection products:

    Facial Cleanser, Physical Sunscreen: Covered on the skin surface, can be well removed by cleaning; Water, milk, cream, facial mask, chemical sunscreen: the product ingredients themselves have very low risk to pregnant mothers, and most of them stay on the skin surface and can be rarely absorbed by the human body; Lipstick: It may be eaten into your mouth, so be sure to choose one with safe ingredients.

Ding Ma felt that being a mother can also love beauty and dress up well. There is no need to be too nervous.

Recommendation Fresh Clear Sugar Lip Protection Series

Here, by the way, I would like to recommend lipstick that was planted by my best friend before. Recently, Ding Ma’s heart is good.

In Ding Ma’s view, [good lipstick] should meet three elements: moisture, durability and safety.

Fresh’s Clear Sugar Lipstick Series uses natural raw materials, and the core ingredients are Ukrainian yellow sugar, white mandarin seed oil and blackcurrant and avocado seed oil.

It can replenish water to the deep layer of dry lips and form a protective film to prevent water loss. Adherence to use can also fade lip lines and prevent lip aging.

At the same time, this lipstick also specially designs a spiral cap metal bottle, which can prevent the bottle cap from slipping in the bag and is the best helper for close protection of lips.

In addition, several colored lipsticks are also Ding Ma’s favorite.

Mothers who often use lipstick must know that many lipsticks feel very dry soon when applied and are not easy to remove. However, fresh’s lipstick is not only natural and moist, but also has good color rendering and is suitable for daily use.

Even during pregnancy, mothers can use it with confidence and easily keep healthy and look good.

As soon as Ding Ma finished taking the color test, the little girls in the office rushed at the sample like wolves.

So, is it good or not, you know ~