Diabetics Should Pay Attention to what in Spring

As soon as beginning of spring passes, the temperature will slowly rise, and it is not far from the spring when everything recovers and grass grows and warblers fly. In spring, sugar lovers should not forget to control their illness.

Dr. Clove reminded everyone that in addition to the usual sugar control lessons, the following points also need special attention.

Prevent colds, flu

Although it is beginning of spring, the temperature in many places is still low. In addition, during this period of early spring, cold air activities are frequent and often go south to kill a [comeback]. Late spring cold is also very common. In addition, late winter and early spring, when it is warm and cold at first, are also the seasons when influenza viruses are active.

If you are not careful [hit], you will catch a cold or flu, cough, runny nose and fever, which will be uncomfortable enough and may also affect the control of blood sugar. This is definitely something you don’t want to see.

Therefore, we should pay special attention to the prevention of colds and influenza. At ordinary times, we should pay attention to cold prevention and warmth preservation, increase or decrease clothes in time, open windows frequently for ventilation, wash hands frequently, and do not rub eyes, nose and mouth with our hands.

After getting flu, diabetics are more likely to suffer from infection, more serious illness and more troublesome treatment than ordinary people. Therefore, it is recommended that everyone should go to the local disease prevention and control department to inject influenza vaccine in advance, which can effectively avoid serious infection and possible complications caused by influenza.

If you accidentally catch a cold or flu, don’t worry too much. Remember to monitor your blood sugar several times. If you find that your blood sugar is not well controlled, go to the hospital to consult a doctor in time.

In addition, we also remind everyone that it is best not to buy cold medicine for yourself. When buying medicine, consult pharmacists or doctors first, and pay attention to the drug instructions and pay more attention to the changes of blood sugar.

Move, lose fat

After a winter of “eating more and moving less”, many people have already stockpiled thick [life buoys] [three layers inside and three layers outside].

Obesity is not only not good-looking when changing into spring clothes, but also a hidden danger of blood sugar control: obesity will lead to insulin resistance, that is to say, the body’s utilization efficiency of insulin is not good.

Therefore, this kind of situation will occur: obviously, it is still the original eating and exercising habits, and I have taken medicine and injections on time, but the blood sugar is not well controlled, so I have to adjust the treatment plan.

Therefore, if you find that your blood sugar control is not good, in addition to seeing a doctor in time, you should also pay attention to see if you have a thick waist circumference and gain weight.

If you need to lose weight, it is still the old method: shut up and keep your legs open.

Under the guidance of doctors and nutritionists, on the premise of stable blood sugar, strictly control diet according to one’s own body shape, exercise for at least 150 minutes a week, mainly aerobic exercises such as tai chi, jogging, cycling, etc., and can also cooperate with some strength training, such as using dumbbells to do some simple lifting movements at home, original squatting and other movements.

Holidays, don’t be careless

Spring is the season when vegetation grows, and there are many holidays. During the holidays, it is very pleasant to take your family and your family for a spring outing and watch the spring day clear and the trees sprout.

However, we should remind everyone that for all kinds of seasonal holiday snacks, such as Tangyuan, Yuanxiao, Qingtuan, etc., just try the taste. Don’t let go of your mouth and eat, and you need to subtract the amount of some staple foods accordingly to avoid causing blood sugar fluctuations.

If spring outing outing, need to remind everyone to pay special attention to foot care: wear soft white cotton socks, choose shoes that fit your feet. In addition, if you go out for a long time to play, you remember to plan your trip and diet well to avoid blood sugar fluctuations caused by irregular diet.

It is suggested that you take biscuits, candy bars and blood glucose meters with you during the spring outing. If hypoglycemia occurs, you should deal with it in time.

Skin itchy, don’t scratch

Although the beautiful spring scenery is good, for some friends, there is a trouble coming: allergy. At this time, I often feel itchy skin, nasal obstruction and itchy eyes, not to mention much affliction.

If allergy and skin pruritus occur, do not scratch the skin, so as not to scratch the skin and cause infection, which will affect blood sugar control. Scalding with hot water is also not advisable.

You can pat it lightly or wet the towel with cold water and apply it to the itchy place to help relieve itching.

Allergy is more important to prevent. If you have a history of allergy, you can go to the hospital and ask your doctor to prescribe some antiallergic drugs for oral administration. Or, cooperate with dermatologists to do desensitization treatment.

In addition, I should also pay attention to avoid contact with allergic things as much as possible: such as pollen, dust mites, etc., wear masks when going out, change clothes in time when going home, pay attention to cleaning places prone to dust accumulation in the home, and change bedding in time.