Why can’t gout patients drink?

Many patients with gout have such experience: drinking heavily is good, and the toe joints should suffer the next day. After finding out that uric acid is high, doctors will also suggest abstaining from alcohol. Many patients do not understand: arguably, the purine content in wine is not high, why do you need to abstain from alcohol? Declare War on Alcohol Alcohol, especially beer, is the last thing gout patients should provoke. Why does drinking lead to gout attacks? Alcohol enters the body, It needs to be metabolized in liver tissue, Will use a lot of water in the blood, Increases the concentration of uric acid in the blood, Causes uric acid in blood to enter tissues to form crystals, Aggravating symptoms. In addition to the purine consumed will be metabolized to produce uric acid, Uric acid produced by the body’s own metabolism accounts for a large proportion, Alcohol can increase uric acid produced by human metabolism. After alcohol enters the human body, It metabolizes to produce lactic acid, The human body excretes lactic acid and uric acid by a similar mechanism. The increase in lactic acid will affect the excretion of uric acid in the kidney. Causing an increase in blood uric acid levels. Beer contains less purine, But it contains a lot of substances that enter the body and are converted into purines. So, Beer is the last drink gout patients should provoke. Alcohol is the [catalyst] of gout. It disrupts normal diet. Indulge the uric acid in the body to cause trouble, It is harmful to gout patients but not beneficial. Therefore, We recommend that all gout patients declare war on alcohol, Farewell to drinking habits completely, Return to a healthy diet. Many patients will say, [No way, Work needs, I often have to socialize, Sometimes it’s hard not to drink.] But, I believe that people are responsible for everything, In fact, just tell others frankly that you are a gout patient, Once you drink, Maybe he will go to the hospital the next day, I think the friends at the banquet will understand. Never act out of friendship. to refuse nobody, In the end, It is your body that suffers. Water is the best drink. For patients with gout and high uric acid, Plain boiled water is the best drink. Drink too much water, The amount of urine will also increase, Accordingly, The uric acid excreted will also increase. As long as there is no problem with kidney function, You should drink more water, In addition to a normal diet, Drink at least 1 500 ml of water per day. Of course, If the patient feels that drinking so much plain boiled water is a burden, Light tea, vegetable juice and fruit juice can be used to replace and supplement some water. Considering gout often attacks at night, it is especially recommended that patients with gout and high uric acid should drink water moderately before going to bed to dilute the concentration of uric acid in blood, which can prevent uric acid deposition caused by urine concentration at night to a certain extent.