Zhou Ji of Pregnancy (5): One person eats, two people supplement, sooner or later there will be an accident.

Last time we said that just as Miss Zhou was going to eat special food under the pretext of pregnancy, the doctor stopped her-pregnancy is not to eat what if you want to eat what, and eat freely. Why do you say that? In addition to avoiding foods that are at risk to pregnant women, the overall food intake and the intake of each kind of food during pregnancy should be controlled quantitatively. How much meat should you grow during pregnancy? People always say that pregnancy is [one person eats two people]. This concept is not correct. How much you eat will greatly affect the weight gain during pregnancy. Dr. Tian told the girl that if the pregnant woman is too fat, the occurrence probability of various pregnancy complications will also increase, such as gestational hypertension, gestational diabetes mellitus, etc. The possibility of macrosomia will also rise, causing difficulties in childbirth or forced cesarean section. There are also news reports that some pregnant women, because the fat layer is too thick, cause troubles to doctors during B-ultrasound, affecting the accuracy of examination results. [Weight gain too fast, even the probability of striae gravidarum becoming more will rise! This is not a scare, Dr. Tian said. So, how much weight gain during pregnancy is normal? At present, there is no official standard in China, According to some guidelines issued by Mayo Clinic in the United States and the National Institute for Optimized Health and Health Care in the United Kingdom, generally speaking, this is related to fat and thin before pregnancy and can be determined according to BMI. BMI is the height and body mass index, and the specific algorithm can be carried out according to this formula: BMI = the square of weight (kg)/height (m). Pregnant women with BMI below 18.5 can gain 13 ~ 18 kg during pregnancy; Normal weight pregnant women with BMI of 18.5 ~ 24.9 can gain 11 ~ 16 kg during pregnancy. Overweight pregnant women with BMI of 25 ~ 29.9 can gain 7 ~ 11 kg; BMI is higher than 30, weight gain is 5 ~ 9 kg. Pregnant women with twins or multiple pregnancies can increase appropriately on this basis. Take me as an example, the weight is 45 kg and the height is 1.6 m, so BMI = 45/1.6 ² = 17.58, then my weight can increase by 13 ~ 18 kg during pregnancy. But in fact, I only increased my weight by 7 kg during the whole pregnancy. Someone asked me, how do you control your weight? I always can’t answer, because I didn’t actually deliberately [control]. I believe many expectant mothers have similar experiences with me: in the first three months of pregnancy, they couldn’t eat at all because of pregnancy vomiting; In the next three months, The uterus grows rapidly, Squeezed his stomach upward, Eat a little and you will die. The most edible three months, Since my mother never made me [eat more], So there is no extra food prepared at home, Plus, when I was busy writing the manuscript, I forgot it. Often I can’t remember to eat, so I don’t repeat the mistake of many pregnant women [one person eats two people]. In addition to controlling the total amount of various foods, it is better to control the intake of each kind of food. For example, a classmate who was a coffee control must drink a cup of black coffee every day. After pregnancy, he came to ask: “Pregnant woman, can you still have a pleasant coffee?” In response, Dr. Tian insisted on [data talk]: It is best to take no more than 200 mg of caffeine per day. Caffeinated drinks, Such as coffee, tea, cola, red bull and other functional drinks, Drink less or not. But if you really want to drink, Check the caffeine content on the package and try to control it within the limit. For example, Miss Zhou likes West Point and fruits best at ordinary times, but Dr. Tian does not support eating more: sweets and fried foods are high in sugar and calories, and the sugar metabolism of expectant mothers will deteriorate during pregnancy. Eating too many sweets is easy to cause gestational diabetes mellitus. Many sweet and juicy fruits, Besides being rich in vitamins, Also rich in sugar, virtually also can increase calories, uncontrolled eating special food, also prone to abnormal blood sugar. In fact, no matter what food, we should pay attention to appropriate amount, not too much. I am [addicted to fish as much as life], moderate amount of fish can supplement protein, DHA and other nutrients, but if the type of food is not appropriate, and eat too much, there is a risk of heavy metal pollution; There are rumors that if you eat too much hawthorn, your uterus will shrink, and if you eat too much fried dough sticks, your children will be stupid… In fact, these foods are not impossible to eat, but you cannot eat too much. In Dr. Tian’s words, [if you eat too much mung beans, you will have problems. You are a normal person, not Zhang Wuben! ] Pregnant, how should I eat? On this point, I specially consulted Tian Jishun. He took out a form full of various units and professional names: [Look, this form tells you in great detail how much protein and calories each food contains… Do you want to try it? My mother, who was in charge of cooking for me, looked at the form and immediately became big and shouted, “so troublesome, I don’t care which of you likes to do it yourself!” Tian Jishun hurriedly ran out and explained, “Yes, yes, I don’t like this watch either. It is scientific to eat according to the table, but the biggest problem is that it is not practical!” Why should a simple thing be so complicated? So, I think, Diet during pregnancy, There are no more than two principles: 1. Follow the feeling that pregnant women are normal people, Therefore, normal people feel that they will be hungry and full. No one can replace the pregnant woman to decide how much to eat. If you are hungry, you will eat, and you will not have to strictly formulate recipes and calculate energy. Living in this age of great material abundance, as long as you don’t [do], you will seldom have [not enough to eat] when you go on a diet during pregnancy in what to lose weight. On the contrary, the common problem now is that pregnant women deliberately eat too much, Overweight. So, Although you need to eat more during pregnancy, However, it should be noted that the premise is to [eat less] at every meal. At the same time, Each meal is regularly fixed, That’s enough. 2. Pregnant women are normal, It is not a patient, so pregnant women can eat like [normal people]. As Dr. Gu Zhongyi of the Nutrition Department of Beijing Friendship Hospital told me, [nothing is absolutely not allowed to eat, it is just the size of the risk]. Indeed, raw meat, raw seafood and raw dairy products, which have clear risks and are written into textbooks, should not be eaten. It is not necessary to [do experiments with life]; However, you will feel uncomfortable after eating it at ordinary times, and you don’t have to eat it deliberately in order to [strengthen nutrition]. For example, you will have diarrhea after eating seafood at ordinary times, and of course you can’t eat it during pregnancy. As for the small stalls on the street, think about the gutter oil and forget it. As far as I am concerned, breakfast is usually milk cereal and whole wheat bread, plus a fried egg. Lunch and dinner include some meat (chicken, duck, pig, sheep and cattle are optional), some fresh river or seafood, some vegetables and some coarse cereals, the total amount is less than before pregnancy. Every afternoon and evening add two more meals, wonton, snacks, fruits and so on in exchange. A careful comparison shows that peace is not the same as what. Therefore, regarding [eating] during pregnancy, it is most important not to be nervous, but to keep a normal heart!