Afternoon tea, delicious and not fat

It is most pleasant to have an afternoon tea when you are busy in the office.

With black tea and coffee, how can there be no afternoon tea?

However, those beautiful cupcakes and crisp cookies are real [heat bombs], and it is too much to eat weight every day.

What should I do?

Don’t worry, forget those cupcakes and cookies.

Here, Dr. Clove has arranged for you the best health partner for afternoon tea. Please collect it quickly ~


Nuts are rich in unsaturated fatty acids, dietary fiber, vitamin E, and rich in antioxidant substances, and the satiety is also very good.

It should be noted that we should choose original (low-salt) nuts instead of being fooled by those high-salt, high-fat and high-calorie heart-wrapped nuts and various seasoning nuts.

In addition, nuts are quite high in calories (after all, the oil content is about 50%). The dietary guidelines recommend 50 g per week, so it will be less than half a day, and cooking oil will be reduced if there is more.

Air-dried meat and seafood products

If you want some meat, salty, fresh and chewy dried beef and shredded squid are your only choice.

This kind of product usually has more protein and less fat, and is especially chewy. One can grind for a long time! What is lacking in the United States and China is that the content of sodium is not low, but the amount still needs to be controlled.

In addition, sweet and salty preserved meat and meat floss should be avoided. These varieties have high fat and sugar content and are easily uncontrollable.


What if you are hungry? In addition to cupcakes and cookies, try to choose oatmeal.

Oatmeal is convenient to store and easy to eat. It contains sufficient carbohydrates, rich soluble fibers and B vitamins. It is not only healthy and full, but also can be matched with milk, nuts, etc. It is more nutritious and delicious.

However, it should be noted that when choosing oatmeal, one should choose [oatmeal] with low processing degree, visible prototype and no sugar added. Instead, don’t buy cereal that smells delicious, because this delicious cereal will add a lot of sugar and creamer, which will greatly reduce your health.

Fresh fruit and dried fruit

Want to take some vitamins after a tired day? You can choose a wide variety of fresh fruits and dried fruits ~

The benefits of fresh fruit need not be said much, but the nutrition of dried fruit is often neglected. Although it is high in sugar, it concentrates the dietary fiber, minerals and antioxidant components in fresh fruit, which is the representative of [concentration is essence].

Common dried fruits are air-dried and freeze-dried. However, when we choose dried fruits, we should pay attention to distinguish them from [vacuum fried] products, such as banana slices and crisp fruit and vegetable slices. Although they are marked with [dried fruits], their crisp taste has exposed their unhealthy properties. The fat content of these fried [dried fruits] is above 15%, so don’t be fooled by them.

The selection of healthy fruits depends on the ingredient list. If there are no sugar, grease and other ingredients in the ingredient list except fruits, healthy fruits are dried.

Dark chocolate

If you want to eat sweets very much, dark chocolate with high cocoa content is the recommended choice.

Cocoa is rich in antioxidants and is good for cardiovascular health. But that doesn’t mean you can eat it happily. Chocolate has more than 500 kcal of calories per 100 g (which is equivalent to the energy of a lunch), and the more pure the chocolate, the more energy it has.

How to choose healthy refreshments?

In addition to drinking drinks, afternoon tea refreshments are usually all kinds of snacks.

Apart from the snacks listed above, what should we start from when choosing a healthy tea?

We should try our best to choose fresh and natural varieties and avoid pure energy varieties (such as biscuits and candies). Sugar, oil and salt can be less.

Last but not least, we need to remind everyone not to take afternoon tea as dinner.

Afternoon tea is good, but don’t be greedy.