Bean products, good friends of diabetics

Bean products, with many varieties and delicious taste, are very popular traditional foods. For sugar lovers, bean products can help control blood sugar.

Today, Dr. Clove told everyone how sugar lovers should eat bean products.

Bean products, sugar friends’ good friends

Bean products are rich in high-quality plant protein, dietary fiber, unsaturated fatty acids, calcium and soybean isoflavones. For sugar lovers, regular consumption of bean products has many benefits.

1. Losing weight and preventing obesity

Bean products are rich in high-quality protein and dietary fiber, with low energy and strong satiety, which can help sugar lovers to eat full without taking in too much energy.

2. Protecting cardiovascular health

Soy products are rich in unsaturated fatty acids, which is beneficial to cardiovascular health. Some studies have shown that compared with a strict low-fat diet, intake of appropriate amounts of foods rich in unsaturated fatty acids (such as soybeans, bean products and nuts) can protect cardiovascular health to a greater extent [1].

Step 3 Maintain bone health

Some kinds of bean products, such as North Tofu, have high calcium content and are a good source of dietary calcium. However, sugar lovers are more prone to osteoporosis than ordinary people due to their metabolic disorders.

Sugar lovers’ daily intake of bean products can provide more calcium to the body and is beneficial to bone health.

4. Helps control sugar

Bean products are low in energy, rich in dietary fiber and contain soybean isoflavones, which can help the body to make better use of insulin, thus helping to control blood sugar [2] [3].

Bean products, often eat sugar to help control

For sugar lovers, it is more appropriate to eat about 25g of soybean every day, which is about a small amount. If converted into bean products according to energy, this is equivalent to [4]:

    50g of dry bean curd; 400 gram of soybean milk; 100g of north tofu; 150g of south tofu; 50g of shredded bean curd; 30g oil tofu; 125 g lactone tofu (about half a box).

Moreover, these bean products can also be exchanged with each other, that is to say, if you eat dried bean curd today, you can drink soybean milk tomorrow. Drink 200 grams of soya-bean milk in the morning and eat another 50 grams of north tofu in the evening.

Here, I would like to remind you that when we eat bean products, we should pay attention to the cooking methods. We should not use braised in soy sauce, braised in yellow and other oil-rich forms, but use less oil-rich cooking methods such as stir-frying, steaming and cold mixing.

Special sugar friends, special treatment

Some sugar lovers need special attention when eating bean products due to their special illness.

1. Sugar Friends Suffering from Diabetic Nephropathy

For sugar lovers suffering from diabetic nephropathy, we said before that the requirement for protein is quite special: a high-quality protein-restricted diet should be adopted, and priority should be given to protein from animal food sources.

In view of this situation, patients with different nephrotic stages are generally recommended clinically:

Sugar lovers of diabetic nephropathy stage 1 can eat bean products, but they should eat them in a limited amount. They should eat them in half according to the recommended amount above, be careful not to exceed the amount, and pay attention to regularly going to the hospital to check renal function and urine protein.

For friends with diabetic nephropathy stage 2 or above, don’t eat bean products.

2. Sugar lovers with gout or high uric acid

Because soybean is a high purine food, many sugar lovers with gout dare not eat soybean and bean products.

In fact, because soybeans are very full, it is difficult to eat a lot at a time. However, a large amount of purine has been removed from bean products during processing. As long as the method is proper, it can also be eaten in limited quantities [5].

Sugar lovers with gout and high uric acid should reduce some meat before eating bean products, do not exceed 20g of soybean or the same amount of bean products every day, and do not drink thick soybean milk. In this way, they can also enjoy the delicious taste of bean products at ease.