Big belly and thick neck, either a family cook/husband or a cook with [drunk oil syndrome]

Is what drunk oil syndrome?

Why do women become obese in their waist and abdomen in middle age?

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I make noodles breakfast. I get up from 3 o’clock in the morning to 11 o’clock in the morning. I walk outside the store almost without stopping. How can I not lose weight?

Before I gave birth to the child, I was in good shape. I could eat and sleep but I wouldn’t be fat. But after I gave birth to the child, my belly and waist became a big circle. Now I am 41 years old and even fatter.

I weigh 119 kg, mainly due to fat belly and waist circumference, severe cervical spondylosis, potassium deficiency, low blood pressure, exercise to lose weight, every day also 10 minutes, within a week will appear physical exhaustion, mainly due to my heavy workload, exercise methods do not seem suitable for me, how to do?


Hello, aunt! Your question must be answered from these aspects.

First, you may belong to the [drunk oil syndrome] group. That is to say, cooks or chefs, due to long-term cooking, especially cooking fried, fried and fried food, are exposed to a large amount of lampblack, resulting in obesity, fatigue, headache, chest tightness, itchy eyes, tinnitus and other symptoms. What is the corresponding solution? It is definitely impossible not to cook, but it is necessary to reduce and control lampblack as much as possible, control oil temperature, stir-fry without smoking, steam and boil more, and fry less. Attention should also be paid to the ventilation of the kitchen environment and keep it dry.

Second, as women grow older, hormone levels will change greatly, affecting fat metabolism, and then have obvious promotion effect on abdominal fat accumulation. If the amount of exercise decreases again because of getting fat, the physical fitness will decline and it will be easier to get fat. It should be noted that female friends should pay attention to their hormone problems from a young age, pay attention to the stable control of blood sugar, and maintain exercise habits and a good regular schedule.

Third, housework or professional activities cannot be equated with exercise. Mainly, in daily work and activities, the heart rate is still at the routine level and does not reach the intensity of real exercise, which is relatively limited to promote the consumption of waist and abdomen fat.

Fourth, weight loss still requires exercise, which does not conflict with work. Under the condition that your physical strength keeps up with that, do some relaxed exercise and try to practice for more than half an hour every day. Don’t be too exciting or gasp for breath. Everyone can stick to it and won’t be exhausted.

Fifth, the key is diet. You have not mentioned your daily eating habits at all. The diet suitable for middle-aged women is to replace white rice, white noodles and cakes with coarse cereals and potatoes to slightly reduce the amount of food eaten. Eat more fresh vegetables, but also ensure lean meat, fish, eggs, milk, these eat less, but more likely to fat; Every meal is only seven or eight full.