Did you lose weight or life?

Obesity is certainly no stranger to many people, it is a very common disease, and quite a number of serious diseases are related to obesity. Therefore, weight loss has always attracted people’s attention, especially women.

In fact, in order to maintain a healthy physical condition, weight control through reasonable diet and moderate exercise is a life attitude worth promoting.

However, just for the sake of [beauty] in the secular vision, and desperate to lose weight, purely for the sake of being thin and thin, this not only deviates from the original intention of losing weight, but will bring fatal blow to your body.


In order to lose weight, many people will take some [extreme measures], such as artificial vomiting, laxative abuse and excessive exercise.

Artificial vomiting, such as picking one’s throat after eating, is an obvious morbid behavior and is easier to identify.

Excessive exercise requires great efforts, and I’m afraid not many people can stick to it.

The use of laxatives is probably more hidden. What’s more, many diet pills mixed with laxatives will also be labeled as “detoxifying”, which will make you think that diarrhea is to expel toxins from your body and will be considered a good thing.

In fact, as a healthy person, there is not so much [poison] to be discharged extra. Long-term diarrhea is a disease and must be treated!


When you deliberately lose weight for the sake of so-called [beauty], rather than keeping healthy, some physical troubles may come to you.

For example, for women, the most obvious thing is that your [old friends] may abandon you.

Studies have shown that weight loss can cause amenorrhea, which may occur when weight loss is 10% within one year.

Amenorrhea here does not mean that you will never menstruate again. The medical definition of amenorrhea is that if you do not menstruate for more than 3 menstrual cycles or 6 months, this is amenorrhea.

For example, your cycle is 28 days, so if you haven’t menstruated for 3 months, it is amenorrhea. Some people usually have a long menstrual cycle, but no matter how long the cycle is, if you don’t menstruate for half a year, it is amenorrhea.

Therefore, if you are a small body weighing 90 kg and have worked hard for one year to reduce it to 80 kg, then you may risk amenorrhea-you may not have menstruation for 3 months.

姑娘, 你已经很瘦了

In order to lose weight quickly, many girls still fight hard, and even some people suffer from anorexia nervosa, which is a great risk.

Some people say that I have a good appetite and it is definitely not anorexia nervosa. Then you take it for granted.

The first psychological manifestation of anorexia nervosa is fear of getting fat. Their goal is not to maintain a normal weight, but to be lower.

That is to say, people with anorexia nervosa have changed their perception of physique. Therefore, girls who already have a perfect figure should be generous enough to accept praise when others praise you for being slim. If you are not satisfied and say, “No, they still think you are very fat!” Then others may wonder if you are ill.

Therefore, anorexia nervosa is not only about not being able to eat, but also has a series of manifestations. Maybe you still have appetite or want to eat, but there are also anorexia nervosa. You can consult a doctor for specific symptoms.

Moreover, the incidence of this disease may exceed your imagination. With the development of social economy, its incidence rate is gradually increasing. Among young women (15-24 years old) in western countries, this is already the most common disease after obesity and asthma.

The vast majority of anorexia nervosa occurs in women, mostly during puberty, and the most common age is 18 years old in the flower season. A considerable number of high school students and college students have symptoms of anorexia nervosa.

Anorexia nervosa can cause endocrine disorders, so many women with anorexia nervosa have amenorrhea. And its impact on the body goes far beyond that. Due to diet and absorption problems, severe malnutrition will occur, which will lead to a series of medical complications.

What is even more terrible is the following figure-anorexia nervosa is life-threatening, with a mortality rate of 9%!


This is to use life to lose weight!

In order to treat anorexia nervosa, the first thing to do is to make cognitive adjustments. You must first realize that your body is OK now and you don’t need to lose any more. This is the most important thing. When you correct those bad living habits and begin to regain normal weight, various effects caused by anorexia nervosa, such as amenorrhea, will gradually improve accordingly.

Therefore, there must be a degree of what. If obesity is not good, then we must lose weight vigorously. In particular, unrestrained weight loss for the sake of the so-called [beauty] from the outside world will also bring serious adverse effects. It is enough to control the body mass index within a normal range. Health is the real beauty.