Do you belong to these 5 categories [key protected objects]? Besides resting, you can also go swimming!

Many people who are sick or in a [special] period cannot do too much exercise, especially strenuous exercise, due to physical reasons. However, if the body rests all the time without exercise, it is not good for health or recovery from illness.

At such times, are there any relatively mild sports methods that are not too difficult for these people?

Yes, swimming can be an option.

If you or the people around you are in one of the following situations, when you want to exercise, you can choose to swim as long as your body allows.


If you have been swimming before pregnancy and there is no special situation in what since you became a pregnant mother, swimming is still a good sport.

It can reduce joint load, help muscles relax, promote blood circulation, and also has a positive effect on the development of baby’s nervous system.

Generally speaking, if one’s physical condition allows, pregnant mothers in each period can swim, but the second trimester of pregnancy (the 13th to 27th weeks of pregnancy) is relatively safest. It is suggested that the swimming time should not be too long, only about half an hour. You can choose backstroke or breaststroke, mainly for your own comfort. Breaststroke is recommended in the third trimester of pregnancy, which helps relax the muscles behind and chest. After the baby grows up slowly in the belly, the pregnant mother remembers to swim in the swimsuit of the pregnant woman.

However, you must pay attention to safety when swimming and need someone to accompany you. The following points need special attention:

1. Choose swimming pools with good water quality, cleanness and few people.

2. Prepare anti-skid slippers to prevent slipping before or after entering the water.

3. The water temperature shall be subject to your comfort. Do not overheat or cool.

4. Normal diet, do not need to eat more, but pay attention to drink more water.

5. If you have any discomfort during swimming, including dizziness, rapid heartbeat, pain, etc., come out of the swimming pool immediately and consult an obstetrician in time.

6. Pregnant mothers who have had 3 or more miscarriages and premature births, twins or even triplets in their stomachs, uterine contraction and hemorrhage, rupture of membranes and heart and lung diseases should not swim.

Here comes my aunt

Since the magic existence of tampons, it is no longer a fantasy for menstruation to come and go swimming, but the premise is to use tampons correctly.

How to use tampons? Poke here and teach you how to use tampons hand in hand.

Many people said that tampons did not work when swimming, and it was very likely that the tampons were not stuffed deep enough, resulting in changes in the position of tampons during exercise and [side leakage].

Arthritis again

Arthritis is committed, it is impossible to run what. However, swimming can help joints reduce load and get full relaxation. Exercise in water can also avoid joint injuries, and the joints that were originally sick will not hurt so much. Pay attention to choosing a warm pool and feel more comfortable.

If there is joint pain of unknown causes during swimming, go to the hospital to eliminate the urgent need for treatment such as trauma and acute attack of arthritis.

Similarly, when the waist, back and cervical spine are uncomfortable, you can also choose swimming, which can not only help muscles relax, but also generally does not bring new damage.

Diabetic patients

Diabetic patients with complications of nephropathy, peripheral neuropathy and peripheral vascular pathy can also choose swimming. While exercising, it can also help diabetic patients lose weight, control blood pressure and improve blood lipid.

However, it is best to consult a doctor before swimming to confirm whether your actual situation is suitable for swimming. You can eat more before going to the swimming pool. It is best to prepare foods such as sugar. In case of hypoglycemia, you can make an emergency. In addition, we must pay attention to the water temperature not too low.

Similarly, although gout patients cannot do strenuous exercise, they can choose long-distance slow swimming according to the actual situation.

Get old

If there is no big physical problem, the elderly can swim.

Although people seem to become brittle as they get older and cannot stand too much trouble, swimming, a gentle exercise, can not only relieve stress, relieve muscle pain, but also promote physical health.

In addition, people who are under great work pressure and in a bad mood can go swimming. After all, once you enter the swimming pool, there will be new problems pestering you: [that sister’s legs are really white ~] [the water is a little cold today! [Well, what lap is this? ], have no time to take care of the world outside the swimming pool.