Doctors Talk about Weight Loss (1): Why Do I Get Fat?

Introduction: We found that many friends search for weight-loss drugs in [family medication]. Clove Garden does not recommend any drugs to everyone to lose weight, but Xiaobian strongly recommends you to look at this article by endocrinologist Dr. Zhang Zheng. Before losing weight, look for the reason why you have become fat.

The south wind is leisurely, the spring is warm in China, and the shirt is light. Why is it all meat?

For fat friends, this is really a sad beginning. However, the end is also very sad. I can hardly bear to continue writing without spoiling in advance.

Why am I so fat? ]

Who should be asked this question? Who shows great food in the circle of friends for three days and two ends? Who said lyrically at noon every weekend [the sun is so good, it’s time to get up]?

Recall how many delicious feasts you have attended recently, the buffet dinner that helped the wall in and out, and the afternoon dessert of exquisite petty bourgeoisie…

[I don’t go out much to socialize! ]

At home, who would drink the last mouthful of vegetable soup and eat the last grain of rice every time? Who does not produce snacks but is the porter of snacks in supermarkets?

Eat, eat; Can’t eat, still eat. Have you considered the feeling of the upper esophageal sphincter?

Let’s talk about sports.

Do you remember the last time you played with your friends was a few years ago? In addition to entering the elevator and going to the garage, you have also used gastrocnemius muscle in what? Not to mention running, swimming and skipping rope, do you walk 10,000 steps a day?

[I don’t eat much and exercise a lot. Really, I drink fat! ]

Yes, such people not only exist, they are also top students in the human evolution examination. Why do you say that? Because in millions of years of evolution, hunger is the real theme of human beings. Natural selection makes the fittest survive. Under extremely difficult natural conditions, individuals who are good at absorbing and storing energy have more chances to survive and pass on such genes from generation to generation.

In recent decades, With the material abundance and abundant food supply, the energy stored in the body to prevent starvation has not yet been consumed, and a steady stream of new nutrients have been absorbed. As a result, the advantage of “I am good at storing energy” has now become a short board prone to obesity. Instead, the evolutionary poor students who “eat nothing fat” shine brilliantly on the dining table and dominate the limelight.

This cannot but make people sigh: heroes and [fat paper] are both created and destroyed by the times. Those who are not born at the right time, consider crossing to the Stone Age.

In fact, there are many reasons for obesity, such as intestinal flora disorder and virus infection.

It has been confirmed that, Once a certain disorder occurs in the flora that normally resides in the human intestinal tract, It turns off the genes that consume fat and activates the genes that synthesize fat at the same time. At this time, the food consumed by the human body will be immediately converted into fat and stored. In turn, fat will not be converted into energy as usual to meet the needs of the body. As a result, disaster has occurred: appetites are getting bigger and bigger, but people are getting more and more hungry, and people are getting fatter and fatter.

In addition to bacteria, researchers have also found a variety of viruses (such as adenovirus adv36), which can directly cause obesity in infected animals, and even some viruses can spread horizontally between animal bodies.


No matter genetic inheritance, lifestyle, flora disorder or virus infection, there are many reasons for obesity. In short, there is no obesity for no reason.

But this is not the point, the point is that there is no easy thinness.

Author: Zhang Zheng