Drinking vinegar like this will make you healthy and lose weight!

How to not be hungry and not gain weight?

Today, I want to teach a simple method without threshold: put less oil and salt and more vinegar.

Vinegar, Healthy Helper

99% of stir-frying oil is fat. More salt will stimulate appetite and lose some vitamins… Everyone knows these principles.

However, most people do not know about vinegar. It is a low-key health helper.

Vinegar helps control postprandial blood sugar and avoids promoting fat synthesis due to high postprandial blood sugar.

Don’t underestimate this point. If the blood sugar is well controlled after meals, it means that it is not easy to get fat, and it is not easy to get sleepy after meals and feel better physically.

Studies have long found that white bread mixed with vinegar can significantly reduce the rate of blood sugar rise after meals, and even the GI value (glycemic index) drops from 88 to only 64.

In 2005, researchers also found that the more vinegar was added, the better the postprandial blood sugar was controlled and the stronger the satiety was. The acetic acid used in this experiment, if converted into 3.5% of ordinary commercial vinegar, is about 30-50 mL.

Incidentally, lactic acid has a similar effect. Foods containing lactic acid, such as yogurt and pickled vegetables, have certain effects on suppressing postprandial blood sugar levels.

Why does vinegar have such a effect?

Judging from the current research, the reason may be that vinegar can delay the gastric emptying rate after meals, delay the intake rate of glucose by intestinal tract, and inhibit endogenous glucose production.

Jealousy helps to lose weight.

There is good news for small partners who lose weight:

Drinking vinegar may help you lose weight!

Researchers asked obese people to drink 15 mL or 30 mL vinegar every day for 12 weeks.

The results showed that their weight, visceral fat and waist circumference decreased significantly compared with when they did not drink vinegar at all (Kondo T, 2009).

Moreover, the latest research also found that drinking 30 mL vinegar (acetic acid content 6%) 5 minutes before meals can also improve the speed of muscle utilization of glucose, which is very beneficial to both diabetics and obese people.

Jealous, easy

It seems that Shanxi people eat mature vinegar, Sichuan people eat pickled vegetables, and Northeast people eat pickled vegetables, which is not only a taste preference, but also a good way to control blood sugar and improve satiety if food safety can be ensured.

Although it seems a little difficult to drink 30 mL of mature vinegar in one mouthful, it is much easier to use vinegar in seasoning. For example, vinegar mixed with noodles, vinegar dipped in dumplings, vinegar mixed with cold dishes, vinegar mixed with jellyfish, vinegar mixed with kelp shreds, and sour and hot soup, Hu spicy soup, sour soup noodles, sour soup dumplings… are all very traditional delicacies.

Drink a bowl of sour and hot soup, can eat almost 10 ml vinegar.

Even, you can try to put a plate of vinegar in front of you and dip the light dishes directly.

However, don’t eat half a bowl of extra rice just because it tastes sour and delicious…

Although vinegar is good, it should be enough.

Vinegar is a very good condiment, but it is not for you to drink it with a jar of vinegar in your arms. Drinking a lot of vinegar can stimulate your intestines and stomach.

If there were problems such as hyperacidity and gastric ulcer, it would be even more inappropriate to drink and eat such thick vinegar directly.

A better way is to use vinegar as a condiment and eat it with food, killing two birds with one stone for delicious and healthy food.

What needs to be reminded is that vinegar is very good, but it is not good enough to lower blood pressure and blood lipid.

As for the online heat transfer [vinegar soaked black beans] [vinegar soaked peanuts], there is no magical effect in treating hypertension. If you like it, eat it as a snack, but don’t delay regular treatment.