Early Plan for Postpartum Slimming

Although weight gain during pregnancy is crucial, most mothers can’t wait to get rid of the increased fat once the baby is born. However, weight loss after childbirth is different from normal weight loss, especially for new mothers who need breast-feeding.

How much weight gain is appropriate during pregnancy?

Giving birth to a new life requires a lot of energy and nutrition. Therefore, healthy diet during pregnancy is especially important, but care should also be taken to avoid too much or too little weight gain.

Before a woman becomes pregnant, most doctors will give appropriate weight gain advice during pregnancy according to the weight of expectant mothers themselves. Women with normal BMI need to gain 11-16 kg during the whole pregnancy, while expectant mothers with twins need to gain 20 kg. For overweight women, the safe weight gain during pregnancy is about 7-11 kg.

Will excessive weight gain during pregnancy give birth to stronger babies?

This is actually a rumor. Excessive weight gain during pregnancy does not necessarily lead to stronger babies. Please remember that you need to eat for two people, but it does not mean you should eat the portions of two people.

Is it harmful to gain too much weight during pregnancy?

In addition to the effect of excessive weight gain on pregnancy and childbirth itself, for women with a fetus, weight gain of more than 11-16 kg during pregnancy will only mean that it is more difficult for the baby to lose weight after birth. In addition, some studies have shown that if the weight loss cannot be successful within one year, the extra fat may remain forever.

How long does it take to lose weight after delivery?

The process of losing the weight gained during pregnancy may take more than one year. Ideally, the target is 0.5-1 kg per week, and the ideal weight is gradually reached.

Can you lose weight as quickly as a star after childbirth?

People don’t know why stars can lose weight so quickly, but perhaps this is not a very safe way. It is very likely that stars’ financial conditions can help them hire personal trainers to get back in shape quickly. After all, appearance is part of their job.

Strict calorie restrictions and fast diets to lose weight are not appropriate. Good nutrition is as necessary as sleep and exercise, but the latter two may be more difficult to control in the early postpartum period. A healthy diet can help relieve some of the fatigue caused by caring for the baby.

If breastfeeding is needed, calories cannot be controlled. You know, this may affect the quality of milk. At the same time, although a low-calorie diet can lose weight quickly, it can also lead to the loss of muscle tissue and the reduction of metabolic levels. The loss of muscle tissue will reduce the body’s energy demand, making it more difficult to lose weight.

Simple Dietary Guidelines for Postpartum Weight Loss

If you are not breastfed, you can start to reduce your daily calorie intake six weeks after the baby is born, up to 500 calories less than the daily standard intake. However, please make sure that the total daily intake is not less than 1600 calories and the nutrition is balanced.

Mothers who are still breastfeeding should not try weight loss meals, because milk is the only source of nutrition for their babies. Breast milk can give their babies all the nutrients they need for growth and development in the first few months. The diet during lactation affects the quality of milk, and the number of times they breastfeed determines the amount of milk.

Breastfeeding should not be used as a way to lose weight. The rumors that secreting milk consumes a lot of calories are actually incorrect. Many women do not lose any weight until they completely stop breastfeeding.

Can exercise help you lose weight after delivery?

Please slowly and gradually restore the exercise level before pregnancy. Most new mothers can resume exercise within a few weeks after giving birth. Women who have undergone caesarean sections need extra time to rest and heal their wounds before they can start exercising.

Six weeks after delivery, Most new mothers can walk now. Walking for 15 minutes twice a day with their baby in their arms and gradually improving their exercise level is a good way to exercise perseverance and burn calories. If walking still doesn’t work, you can also follow the video to do an aerobics while the baby is sleeping or sign up for a fitness course designed for new mothers.

Does lack of sleep affect weight loss?

Women who sleep less than six hours a night for six months after giving birth are more likely to lose weight than women who sleep more than six hours, research shows. Do everything you can to ensure sleep and don’t force yourself to be a superwoman until you regain your energy. Weight loss is also energy-consuming, you know.

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