Five Tips to Make Baby Sleep Sleep at Night, Mother Worries More

Baby’s sleep is a top priority, which is not only related to whether the child can get enough rest and develop healthily, but also has a great influence on the sleep habits after TA.

For parents who have been tired for a day, if their children are always unable to sleep soundly, or toss and turn, or cry and quarrel from time to time, adults have to accompany them abruptly, which is also a torturing thing.

Most parents have encountered the situation that the baby does not sleep soundly. Occasionally, the situation may be that the baby is not full or hungry at night, or that he is frightened during the day or even physically unwell. However, if the cause of the disease is ruled out and the child is ensured to eat enough at night or for a long time, the cause should be paid attention to.

Is the baby really not sleeping well? Maybe it was a misunderstanding

Many babies’ hats [can’t sleep well] are actually wronged and blindly buckled by their parents.

1. It’s sleep rhythm, not [poor sleep]

Human sleep has biological rhythm, which can be divided into quiet sleep period and active sleep period. The former has regular heart rate and respiration, less body movement, and can be divided into light sleep and deep sleep. The latter has faster heart rate and breathing, more body activities, and can have dream memory after waking up, also known as [rapid eye movement sleep].

The two kinds of sleep alternate periodically, Not only adults, The same is true of infants, However, the baby’s sleep cycle is relatively short, and there may be a short awakening during the two sleep weeks. When the baby is in the active sleep period or awakening period, there may be more facial expressions or limb movements, such as frowning, smiling, pouting, limb movements, accelerated breathing and other manifestations, and even hum and cry twice.

Many parents think that the child is not sleeping soundly at this time, but waking up, so they intervene hastily, nurse and hug him up and wander around, which may upset the child’s sleep cycle and make TA really wake up. In the long run, on the contrary, let the child develop the bad habit of nursing and hugging before falling asleep, which is really a typical example of [doing bad things with good intentions].

2. It’s fatigue, not [poor sleep]

In addition, some children will suffer from irritability and crying after fatigue. Some parents feel sorry for their children and are reluctant to let their children cry at all. Therefore, they are also anxious to intervene. In fact, they deprive their children of the chance to fall asleep. The result is the same as above.

Therefore, parents should understand their children’s normal sleep cycle and characteristics. At this time, they should never pick them up hastily. The key is to create a suitable sleep environment for their children. At most, they should pat and appease them. Don’t be alarmed. Finally, people are sleepy.

Why do some children not sleep well?

However, there are children who do not sleep well.

If children do not form good sleep habits from an early age, they will be more likely to suffer from sleep uneasiness, wake up frequently, and fall asleep again only by feeding and hugging.

In addition, various factors may affect children’s sleep, such as uncomfortable sleep environment: too hot, too cold, not quiet enough, too bright in the room, not fresh air (not opening windows for a long time)… are more common factors;

In addition, there are also some children who do belong to the “difficult-to-raise type” and are born to “grind their mother’s essence”. Physiological activities such as diet and sleep lack regularity and require parents to pay great patience to raise them.

How to let children form good sleep habits?

Generally speaking, there are specific methods to cultivate good sleep habits for children at each stage, but there are also some principles that are common:

1. Regular activities help you fall asleep.

From the time the child is 2 ~ 3 months old, TA should be helped to gradually establish a good sleep rule.

At a fixed time every day, take fixed activities according to the steps, such as taking a bath, changing diapers and drinking milk, let the child lie in bed, hum or pat TA, and let TA fall asleep on its own.

Step 2 Provide a comfortable sleep environment

Ensure the indoor temperature is appropriate, air circulation, quiet and not noisy; Don’t freeze your child, but more importantly, don’t cover or wear too much for your child. This is where many parents often make mistakes.

Just remember a principle: [indoors] baby needs the same number of clothes as adults, sleep can wear pajamas, put on sleeping bags, and then cover with blankets or quilts, don’t wear cotton-padded clothes to sleep. The baby can also be wrapped loosely with a package, which can enhance the baby’s sense of security.

3. Help children distinguish day from night

Where you sleep, there should be a clear distinction between day and night light.

Ensure sufficient light during the day, and do not need to hang curtains or deliberately create a quiet environment for a nap. At night, turn off the lights in time or dim the lights to make the children feel that it is time to go to bed.

Step 4 Don’t get too excited before you go to bed

Don’t let the child play too excited or too tired before going to bed, which will cause the child to secrete too much epinephrine to fight fatigue. On the contrary, the child will suffer from dysphoria and crying, making it difficult to fall asleep.

Step 5 Don’t pick it up easily

If the child shows signs of [waking up] at night, do not nurse or hug him easily. If you still cry for more than 5 minutes, you can pat and appease yourself, but don’t pick it up immediately and try to let TA fall asleep. If the child wakes up because he is accustomed to frequent night feeding, he should reduce the number of feeding and gradually correct it. After adding supplementary food, he can prepare to wean the night milk. Normally, he can completely wean the night milk in about 10 months.

If you repeat it several times, the child still cannot stop crying, so you should pay attention to whether the child is uncomfortable.

In a word, after the child is born 4 months, once he has formed bad sleep habits, it is difficult to correct them again. Therefore, we must seize the prime time to cultivate children’s good sleep habits. In order to achieve a high quality of one third of the time in life, we have worked hard.

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