Healthy Diet Pyramid for Middle-aged and Elderly

Healthy diet should be balanced, and it is easiest to follow the pattern.

Health Headline (Micro Signal: Baojiandaifu) likes to introduce various rules of healthy diet to everyone at ordinary times, but after reading so much, I can’t remember it.

We have also considered it, so today we will introduce this health pyramid to you. As long as we have a picture, we will know all the rules. Come on, let’s start:

Most: cereals


Three to five bowls a day, and the amount of one bowl should be controlled between 250 and 300 milliliters.

Second: Vegetables and fruits


At least three servings a day, one half bowl of cooked vegetables.

More detailed suggestions can be found here: it is not a dream to eat vegetables like this every day and stay away from [three highs]


At least two servings a day, one serving is a medium-sized fruit, such as oranges or apples.

More detailed suggestions can be found here: eating fruits like this every day can prevent coronary heart disease.)

Third: Proteins

Milk and Substitutes:

One to two cups a day, the amount of one cup refers to about 240 milliliters;

Meat, Eggs and Substitutes:

Five to six taels a day, one tael is about the size of a table tennis ball.

Minimum: oil, salt and sugar

The amount of oil, salt and sugar should be controlled as little as possible.