How do parents choose healthy food when taking their babies to the supermarket?

The dazzling array of food and daily necessities in supermarkets is very important for curious children, It is a good place to learn and learn new things. Supermarkets may also be an interesting university hall for cultivating children’s healthy eating habits. Let your children go to supermarkets with you to choose healthy food. It will not only cultivate children’s healthy eating habits, but also enhance your relationship with children.

Dairy area

Dairy products can help children get better supplements from natural calcium sources. Choose low-fat milk instead of whole milk. They usually have the same nutrients and benefits, but low-fat milk can reduce fat intake. Besides, yogurt and low-fat cheese bars are also good snacks. Especially because most Asians are lactose intolerant, yogurt is our good friend.

In addition, attention should be paid to the so-called [milk-containing beverages] on the shelves. Compared with pure milk, these foods have much lower protein content, but a lot of sugar can be added.

Juice area

Of course, natural fruit is the best choice. But if you want to drink fruit juice occasionally, please buy 100% pure fruit juice and try not to buy beverages with nutrition labels marked [high fructose corn syrup], [artificial pigment] and [artificial essence].

Wheat area

Many parents now choose cereal for their children’s breakfast, finding it nutritious and convenient to eat with milk. Businesses have long known how to attract their children’s attention. They will pile up cereal products with high sugar content and beautiful packaging on their children’s visual level. Children will easily find these cereal and then beg their parents to buy them.

At this time, parents should try to refuse such requests, because there are many healthier alternatives to satisfy their children’s love of sweets. It is best to buy cereal products with a cellulose content of 5 grams or more per serving (100g), or cereal products with a sugar content of less than 9 grams.

Frozen food area

When there is no fresh food at hand, bagged frozen fruits and vegetables are very convenient to use: a small bag of frozen berries and a cup of yogurt can be packed as an extra meal, while frozen vegetables can be quickly stir-fried for lunch the next day.

Fruit and vegetable area

Buying fruits and vegetables that children like to eat can really make them eat more, but why not try to buy varieties that they have never even heard of? Different kinds of fruits and vegetables are not only more nutritious, but also rich in color, which can arouse children’s appetite.

It is a good idea to buy seasonal vegetables and fruits because they are not only fresher, but also often better to eat. In addition, you can wash and peel vegetables, such as mini cucumbers or carrots, and put them into fresh-keeping boxes for children as snacks.

Carbonated beverage area

Try to ignore and walk straight through. However, if your child really likes that bubble taste and carbonated drink, take some soda water by the way, which has 0 calories and sugar content. You can also add pure fruit juice to this soda water and make your favorite juice soda.

Snack area

It’s hard to get through this aisle. A dazzling array of potato chips, pizza-flavored cornflakes, extremely sweet cookies and chocolate bars–every day new items fill the shelves. It’s not easy to pick the best from these bad items. You can start with these tips:

1. Buy baked, not fried potato chips or cornflakes;

2. If you buy a small quantity, the small quantity (31g) of packaging heat is not too small.

3. Avoid foods containing trans fats. You can check them on the nutrition labels of foods.

4. When selecting dried fruits, try not to choose salt baked, cream flavored or other treated nuts with flavor, where the sodium content is often very high.

5. If you want to eat biscuits, it is recommended to buy whole wheat biscuits, but please pay attention to whether the [whole wheat] mentioned by the merchants is real whole wheat, and also pay attention to the [fat content] on the nutrition label;

6. All kinds of dried fruits and vegetable strips without addition are also good choices, but do not choose varieties with sugar stains.

Responsible Editor: Fu Ting