How to find good food when people are on the journey

It is often difficult for people to find healthy food on the journey.

Many nutrition or fitness enthusiasts usually eat regularly, and when they go out on holidays, they will begin to worry: Do they want to lose all their achievements?

For example, at the airport, you know, flights are often delayed or cancelled, so you have to give up healthy food and find bread and biscuits to fill your stomach. There are also stations, scenic spots and foreign countries with limited conditions.

What if you want to eat healthily? The following methods, shared by a health enthusiast, may as well give it a try.

Airport or Station: Bring Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

At airports or stations, whether to eat or not to eat what is a question for many people.

In fact, it is only necessary to eat some fruit and drink some tea, which can be prepared in advance, just in case.

Water: You can consider drinking only mineral water or bringing a portable cup.

Fresh fruits and vegetables: For example, apples, oranges, pears, even cucumbers and carrots are easier to preserve and carry than other fresh fruits and vegetables, and are also economical.

Although fruit is also sold in food stores at airports and stations, the price is very high.

Plane or car: Bring a bag of nuts

If you are on a plane, bus or taxi, you can bring a bag of nuts. Fill a large bag of nuts with a self-sealing plastic bag and put it in a backpack or travel bag.

Nut foods are full, nutritious, light in weight, do not need refrigeration, and will not deteriorate during the whole trip.

Priority is given to raw nuts, such as almonds, walnuts and Hawaiian fruits. Try not to choose roasted or salt baked nuts (such as cream sunflower seeds, salt and pepper pumpkin seeds, etc.). Because this processing process will greatly reduce the nutrition of nuts.

In Foreign Cities: Search for Supermarket Chain

No matter where you are, as long as you have a computer or a smart phone, you can search some supermarket chains.

For example:

Once my friend and I were going to climb a mountain. I was responsible for the food I had prepared the day before to live on the mountain. Like nuts, fruit, cheese and chocolate bars. The hotel staff told me how to get to the market, but then I couldn’t find anything I wanted, only some coffee shops and restaurants. I was so upset that I wandered around the hotel and finally found a supermarket chain.

However, if I simply searched the computer in advance and saved the website bookmarks of supermarket chains and restaurants near my residence before leaving the hotel, it would not be so miserable and even save a lot of time.

Buy more healthy food with satiety.

When you go out, spend your money where it is most worthwhile and buy more healthy food that makes you feel full. For example:

    Bags of small apples, plums, bananas and other fruits; Oat, eight treasures porridge; Pure milk, yogurt, low-salt cheese; Luncheon meat, canned tuna; Baked sweet potatoes.

The price of these foods is not high, but the energy is not low, and they are rich in nutrition and satiety, which can support a long period of time.

However, super-large packaged puffed foods are not recommended: they may be cheaper, but they are neither nutritious nor full.