This is how digestive doctors view the matter of enema weight loss.

Coffee enema, slimming and weight loss methods have been inexplicably popular for several years. Not long ago, I happened to see a message that [a young man used bathroom shower sprinkler enema for a long time and consciously improved laxation]. I really felt it was very necessary to tell you carefully why long-term self-enema is not desirable and what harm it has.

Is enema really useful?


Enema is to pour some liquid (water, or medicine) back into the intestinal tract through the anus and let it be discharged later.

There are usually two situations that require enema: one is patients with constipation and partial intestinal obstruction, which need to stimulate intestinal peristalsis; The other is the need before surgery, such as colonoscopy with incomplete intestinal preparation and partial gastrointestinal surgery.

It can be seen that both cases have very clear purposes and are carried out occasionally.

Useful, why can’t you fill it yourself?

Those who want to go to enema mainly hope to improve constipation, lose weight or [keep in good health]. Of course, there is also a reason for shame (the need for shame). I haven’t tried it before, so I won’t mention it here.

However, long-term enema is really harmful.

Except for treatment or surgical preparation, the enema at ordinary times will not only fail to achieve the effects of those advertisements, but will bring a series of side effects. In short, the harm caused by long-term enema can be summarized into four:

Step 1 Pierce your intestines

Medicine calls this kind of condition perforation, mainly due to unskilled operation or brute force operation.

Our intestinal tract is really thin and delicate. If we accidentally penetrate the hole, the Baba and bacteria in the intestine will run into the stomach, causing infection, which will be in big trouble.

2. Dependence

After regular and frequent enema, the intestinal tract and perianal muscles have adapted to this state and will have to be poured all the time. If enema is suddenly stopped one day, constipation and other symptoms will be aggravated.

3. Water and electrolyte disturbance

I believe you must have heard of cases of diarrhea or vomiting leading to water and electrolyte disorders. Long-term improper enema can also cause water and electrolyte disorders.

Because when pouring things into the intestinal tract, it is not what that flows in, but what flows out, along with inorganic salts or water that should have been absorbed into the human body.

4. Disorder of flora

Whether it is coffee enema, clear water enema or clinically commonly used clean enema, long-term operation may cause harm to [intestinal flora imbalance].

Our intestinal tract is not sterile. On the contrary, a large number of microorganisms in the intestinal tract play an extremely important role in digestion and absorption of the human body and resistance to foreign bacteria.

After a long period of enema, this kind of behavior breaks the balance of the normal microecology of the body. In addition, ordinary people can’t do strict and standardized enema operation, which greatly increases the risk of flora imbalance. Mild cases cause abdominal pain, diarrhea and other symptoms, while severe cases may cause irreparable damage to the intestinal tract.

Those advertisements are even more cheating.

What people eat passes through the mouth, esophagus and stomach, gradually enters the small intestine and the large intestine, and is slowly digested and absorbed. There is a thing called ileocecal valve at the junction of the small intestine and the large intestine, which only allows the contents of the small intestine to flow into the large intestine, while the contents of the large intestine cannot flow back.

Those advertisements that can clean the whole intestinal tract are purely fooling the common people. In fact, the enema can only reach the large intestine and cannot enter the small intestine through the ileocecal valve.

In addition, coffee enema claims to clean the intestinal tract, expel toxins, and even have anti-cancer effects. These effects are not only not proved by clinical trial evidence, but also cannot make sense from its mechanism. They are just mouth guns.

What should I do with severe constipation?

What if you don’t enema, constipation? How to lose weight?

Although there is no immediate solution to constipation in what and no fantastic way to lose weight, the problem of constipation and weight loss can be solved step by step under the guidance of scientific methods.

Take constipation as an example, we should first pay attention to improving our lifestyle and explosions: avoid sitting for a long time, eat more foods with high fiber content, such as mushroom, green beans and other fresh fruits and vegetables, increase exercise and drink more water.

If none of this works, laxatives such as lactulose or polyethylene glycol can also be used under the guidance of a doctor. However, the advertising methods of Changqing tea and laxative tea [taking a bath for the intestines] are very unscientific and are not recommended.

Now you should be able to understand why digestive doctors are especially opposed to those coffee enemas.