I don’t hate you, I just have social fears.

I suffer from social fear. Social fear brings me many problems: I am always worried about what others will think of me. I am usually quiet and shy. My heart is entangled with every word of myself, Consider your words over and over again, This causes me to pause for a long time when I talk to people. Before going to social occasions where there are strangers, I get very anxious, and occasionally I get headaches and nausea. Sometimes, walking out of the house is a bitter battle. I can’t think about what will happen next what, who I will meet and what I will do if I say or do something wrong. Social fear is an experience in how? The worst part of social fear is that, It makes me seem very abrupt. Hot topics and conversations are sharp tools to deepen friendship with new friends. However, my anxiety makes me appear indifferent, boring and even mean. What is more sad is that the more I want to make friends with someone, the worse things will get. If I especially want someone to like me, I will pay close attention to my words and deeds, which eventually turns into silence. I looked in all directions involuntarily, looking as if I were not interested or bored. I am very good at disguising my nervousness by pretending to be cold. No one will ever find out, I’m just anxious. I can’t be on the same channel with anybody else, Because I am always thinking, worrying and speculating. And all these thoughts and worries in my mind make it impossible for me to ask people out to play or reschedule the appointment. I would assume that, If someone doesn’t contact me or [has to] cancel our appointment, That proves that they don’t like me. Any direct or implicit refusal is directed at me personally in my opinion. In order to find out what others think of me, I am always capturing what others say and do, Words and sentences are carefully analyzed, every trace is carefully analyzed. Anxiety makes me unable to consider the feelings of others. Because I am silent and do not take the initiative to chat, Without taking the initiative to make an appointment or renew the appointment, People will think I don’t like them. And what I do to them, That’s what I don’t want them to do to me. Over the years, Too many people have told me, When they first met, they thought I hated them. People always say I look [cold], Not interested in them. Some people say I look self-righteous, Words such as very [scum]. [quiet] [shy] [conservative], It’s all about me. Actually, I am happy to talk to people, And I hardly hate others. Whenever I meet new friends, It won’t be long before I can cross the first hurdle and open my heart to them. I have always had no reservations in front of trustworthy people. Once I get excited, I even share too much with others. However, reaching that level is very dangerous. There are too many misunderstandings in the process of communication, and often a friendship dies before it really starts. How Overcomes Social Fear? Over the years, I have constantly overcome my social anxiety. It’s much better now. I always remind myself: Most people will care about what others think of him/her. This is quite normal. The less pressure you put on yourself when making friends and interacting with each other, The more relaxed and talkative I will be. Facing my anxiety directly makes me perform better. New friends get to know me better. I let them know, Maybe I’ll be quiet at first, But when I got acquainted, I was very relaxed. Maybe it was because of my clumsiness and social fear. I usually have only a few close friends in a period of time. It is really too difficult for me to stir up a topic in groups or parties (or any social occasions). Sometimes I imagine that I can have more friends. Or become sociable. I also hope to completely overcome my social fears. No longer worried about what others think of me. I am used to being [that quiet girl]. But I still hope to be more open. No longer bother to make a good impression, Or what others think of me. So, If you find a person quiet, shy, clumsy or conservative, Don’t think they are self-righteous, mean or hate you. They are probably just too nervous. Or I am struggling with social anxiety. When someone makes me feel comfortable, tolerant and interested in chatting with me, I need a long process to relieve my worries and ease my fears. Only in this way can I have enough confidence to be myself. Is there any other problem with my anxiety? Here are 10 common symptoms of anxiety, which may occur in patients with social phobia, but of course, it may also be other conditions. Sleep Disorders Do you sleep six to eight hours a day? Or do you toss and turn every night because of worry? According to experts, If you sleep with breathing problems, Such as snoring, difficulty breathing, general weakness or daytime drowsiness, You should talk to your doctor about your anxiety symptoms. Stress If you often feel stressed about your work, family and life, this may be a symptom of anxiety. Experts believe that long-term stress will make you more prone to anxiety or depression. Exhaustion is not only stressful, but also feels exhausted like a crash? Experts pointed out that, If you feel overworked, Affect your daily state, This may be anxiety. Fear, Worry or fear Experts believe that, If you often worry, fear or fear the unknown involuntarily, This may be anxiety. Rather than fear, Why don’t you know what you think and feel, Because, learn to control and accept your current state, It can reduce worry. Stomach discomfort If you suddenly feel stomach discomfort, This may be another symptom of anxiety. If you are accompanied by diarrhea, severe constipation, nausea and vomiting, Be sure to tell your doctor, To rule out other diseases. Chest tightness You also need to pay attention to chest tightness and other respiratory or heart-related symptoms. Including, Shortness of breath, sweating, nausea, feeling of pressing in the middle of the chest and or radiation pain in the chest, arms and back. If these symptoms occur, See the emergency immediately. Headache Your work or sleep situation may give you headache. Experts also said that If you have frequent headaches, At the same time accompanied by weakness, dizziness or loss of sensation, You need to go to the hospital. Palpitations, palpitations and arrhythmia are also common symptoms of anxiety. Some people have frequent palpitations. According to Havel’s Family Health Guidelines, You will feel flustered, throbbing, your heart beating and bumping. Panic Disorder Panic Disorder is a kind of anxiety disorder. People often have repeated sudden attacks of panic. Its psychological symptoms also include anxiety, fear or irritability. In addition to blurred vision, If you feel your vision is shaking and it is difficult to concentrate, this may be a sign of anxiety. You may also feel your arms, legs, fingers, toes or the whole body shaking at the same time.