Is procrastination a disease? Don’t delay any more, open this article and have a look!

The word “procrastination” is now almost well known. Looking at the generalization of this word in use and its self-label to many people, and seeing that its pirated definition is more widely spread than the original version, I would like to use this article to say what I understand as “procrastination”.

[Procrastination] Not a disease

I often hear people say, “I have committed obsessive-compulsive disorder” and sometimes blacken myself to be Virgo by the way. However, most of this [obsessive-compulsive disorder] has not yet met the diagnostic criteria and is at most an obsessive-compulsive phenomenon.

Similarly, when most people say they have [procrastination], they are not sick.

The difference is that obsessive-compulsive disorder is at least a medical term with clear diagnostic criteria, while [procrastination] is a life term originated from the Internet.

It can be said that [procrastination] has been an online term from the beginning. You can’t find the term [procrastination] in the latest < < China Mental Disorders and Diagnostic Criteria for Mental Disorders and Diagnostic Criteria, Version 3 (CCMD-3) > >.

Some people will say that English [procrastination] means [procrastination]. In fact, that English word only means procrastination and does not mean [disease].

Some so-called “authoritative medical science popularization network platforms” have classified this entry into “medical terms”, which is not “authoritative” at all, but has caused great misleading.

It should be emphasized that some real mental disorders, such as obsessive-compulsive personality disorder, passive-aggressive personality disorder, anxiety disorder, etc., are prone to procrastination. For such procrastination caused by mental disorders, [permanent cure] is the key, that is, timely intervention in mental diseases themselves.

Therefore, if you have symptoms of procrastination that cannot be extricated, it is necessary to consult a psychiatrist first to diagnose whether you have more serious problems. Instead of joking [now, procrastination is just] and ignoring them.

As for [procrastination], will it be included in the standard and become a new diagnostic term in the future? It is difficult to estimate. However, if one day scientists suddenly discover that there are unique neural pathways or structural foundations behind this phenomenon, then perhaps so.

In this article, the [procrastination] or [procrastination] we are talking about is not caused by real mental illness, but is more about public misreading or self-mockery.

True Procrastination and False Procrastination

Is how a delay? There is no uniform standard for researchers to define procrastination.

Psychologist Timothy Pychel of Carlton University in Canada stressed: