Is there a good way and food for what to reduce abdominal fat?

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Hello, I am 183 tall and weigh 21. I am very fat in my legs and abdomen. I have been losing weight recently. I run 6 kilometers every night without eating dinner. But it has been more than half a month, and the weight loss is still not obvious… I would like to ask, is there any good method and food for what to reduce abdominal fat? And… if I can lose weight, will my ass become smaller?

Additional information: Sex Male, At the age of 20, Good health. Breakfast: An egg, A bowl of porridge, Two small steamed buns, One portion of shredded kelp or one portion of shredded potatoes. Lunch: two taels of rice, one portion of vegetarian dishes and one portion of meat dishes. Dinner: an apple. If you are hungry in the middle, eat a banana or a few small tomatoes. It should not be a lot… Six kilometers every night, about half an hour to 40 minutes, then 50 sit-ups. It is the first time to lose weight.


Obesity in waist and abdomen is usually related to long-term unreasonable diet, lack of exercise and certain metabolic disorders.

1. There is no single food, which has weight loss effect, let alone local weight loss effect.

What needs to be adjusted is the overall diet: food diversification, eating more vegetables, eating less refined white rice flour, processed food, sweet and sweet drinks. In diet for weight loss, attention should be paid to controlling the total energy appropriately and adjusting the diet structure more reasonably.

2. Similarly, there is no exercise that can reduce fat locally, but it can only be realized through body fat reduction.

If you lose weight, your buttocks (hips) will naturally lose weight together.

However, choosing the right exercise style can make your abdominal fat reduction effect more significant. Considering your heavy weight, jogging at a constant speed for a long time may not be the most suitable choice for you.

It is suggested to choose high-intensity exercise or intermittent exercise within the range of physical fitness.

In the process of these exercises, a higher exercise heart rate will be stimulated (the first test taker must first evaluate the heart rate he can bear, and if he feels uncomfortable, he must stop for a while and pay attention to exercise safety), which is more helpful to reduce fat.

In addition, you have not provided enough information to evaluate whether it is because you did not eat dinner, but you ate too much breakfast and lunch, resulting in little weight loss effect…

After receiving your supplementary information, give some suggestions:

1. It seems, indeed, that you don’t eat much. However, for units such as [one serving] and [one bowl], I reserve my opinion. Such descriptions cannot calculate the exact amount for the time being. If you know how to calculate the calories in food, for you who are starting to lose weight for the first time, it is recommended to initially consider consuming 1700-1800 kilocalories a day.

2. It may be too early to judge your [physical health]. Don’t neglect routine physical examination, even if you are still young.

3. The dietary information you provide is not a good weight loss arrangement. Porridge, steamed buns, potatoes, rice, apples and bananas are mostly the main food supplies of carbohydrate. There is only one serving of vegetables at noon and sometimes kelp shreds for breakfast, which is too small. It is suggested to find ways to increase the amount of vegetables for three meals to provide a stronger sense of satiety and better resist hunger.

In addition to the source of protein, it seems that only eggs, steamed stuffing and meat dishes may not be sufficient (without knowing how much one is). Don’t neglect to drink milk at least once a day, eat a certain amount of bean products, and provide high-quality protein and calcium. Only when nutrition is sufficient can exercise performance improve.