Is what what everyone wants?

Can eating what lose weight?

This is probably the ultimate puzzle that all people who want to control their weight are eager to understand. Today, let’s talk about this [weight loss food] that everyone wants.

What is a good diet?

I am not very in favor of using the word [weight loss food]. Because whether it causes obesity and whether it can lose weight cannot be solved by one kind of food, nor can it be blamed on one kind of food.

People eat a lot of food every day, and each kind of food has [energy], which is the common saying [calories] or [calories]. Together, they are the total amount of calories consumed every day.

If [imported] more calories and consumed less calories, the body will store the surplus calories in the form of fat meat, resulting in obesity.

Do you have [negative calorie food]?

The so-called what [negative calorie food] has not yet been found.

It can only be said that:

    Some foods are easier to digest and absorb, contain high energy, and eat quickly. If you eat more carelessly, the risk of gaining weight will be greater, such as sweet bread, biscuits, cakes, etc. Some foods are low in calories, need to be chewed carefully, and are not so easy to digest and absorb. Even if you eat more, the risk of gaining weight is relatively small, such as kelp, mushrooms, green vegetables, etc.

Is the lower the calorie content of food, the better it is to lose weight?

Food can be divided into high and low calories, but it is not necessarily a good plan to lose weight just to choose the one with low calories.

This is because, in order to maintain health, including losing weight smoothly, the human body must first obtain dozens of nutrients needed by the body. Otherwise, the body’s machines cannot work normally and the task of losing weight is difficult to complete.

The so-called “one has the strength to lose weight only when one is full” is actually quite reasonable if it is changed to “one has the strength to lose weight only when one has sufficient nutrition”.

The problem is that it is impossible to supply all the nutrition the body needs with only a few legendary [weight loss foods].

For example, when some people hear that apples lose weight, they eat apples every day. Or I heard that cucumbers and tomatoes are low in calories and kelp and mushrooms are high in fiber, so I only eat these foods every day.

Because each kind of food has different nutritional functions, staring at only a few foods will inevitably lead to nutrient imbalance and even severe malnutrition. For example, if you only eat these foods, you will inevitably suffer from serious deficiencies in protein, calcium, iron, zinc and multivitamins.

What foods must be eaten when losing weight so as not to affect your health?

To find out what kind of food you need to eat every day is very simple, just look at the dietary pagoda of Chinese residents.

First, determine the amount that normal people should eat, and then set a amount to eat when losing weight. When losing weight, it is generally only necessary to reduce the amount of grain, meat, oil and sugar, and limit the amount of nuts and fruits.

    For example, if women normally eat 250 grams of grain, they can reduce it to 150 grams when losing weight. The original meal of braised vegetables has now been changed to stewing, blanching and cold mixing, which can save a lot of oil. Originally, I ate more meat, but now I have changed it to 1 or 2 pieces of meat a day (3 or 4 pieces of braised beef), or 2 or 2 pieces of fish a day. A cup of milk and an egg need not be reduced, and vegetables cooked with less oil need not be reduced or even increased. Half a kilo of fruit is normal.

Then, among staple foods and foods such as meat, eggs and milk, choose varieties with lower energy.

    In meat, do not choose fat cattle, sheep, pork belly and the like. Milk can choose low-fat milk instead of high-fat cheese and ice cream. Eggs can be eaten in white boiled eggs instead of scrambled eggs, etc.

As long as you can do the above, you can stick to it for a long time without affecting your health, your body fat will gradually decrease, and you will be in good spirits and not depressed.

When losing weight, how should I eat three meals? Is it okay [not to eat after noon]?

Generally speaking, breakfast needs to be eaten well, dinner can be eaten less, but we should also do what we can.

For those who need to work overtime at night, it is difficult to support their work at night without eating dinner at all, and it may even lead to uncontrolled gluttony after excessive hunger. If breakfast is of poor quality, eating fast food at noon and not eating at night will definitely lead to malnutrition, which is not conducive to weight loss.

Therefore, if you really want not to eat after noon, you must eat as rich as other people’s dinner in the morning. Lunch is not greasy but the quantity is normal. For dinner, you only eat fruits and vegetables. If you are hungry, you can add a little yogurt or milk, and you can not eat the rest.

Why do you want to [lose weight healthily]?

Psychological disorders caused by improper weight loss, even bulimia, bulimia, anorexia, etc., are common problems.

Therefore, all my weight loss advice revolves around the center of [physical and mental health], reminding people:

Losing weight is to get rid of the wrong lifestyle and replace low-nutritional but high-energy foods with foods with high nutritional value.

There is no shortage of nutrients necessary to maintain health. At the same time, we should not let ourselves be too hungry or depressed.

Otherwise, weight loss will not last for a long time.

Malnourished weight loss will rebound after stopping, and will become fatter after rebounding, or under the same weight, the proportion of body fat will increase; Losing weight, which damages the body and mind, is easy to cause psychological disorders and even mental breakdown.

What if you want to eat when you lose weight?

In order to avoid hunger, special attention should be paid to choosing foods with high satiety when losing weight. The staple food should be coarse grains, beans, potatoes and other starchy foods instead of white rice and flour. This is nutritious and full.

For example, oatmeal, lotus seeds, red bean, white kidney bean, barley, millet and other coarse cereals are added to the staple food, plus delicious dried fruits and nuts such as walnuts, peanuts, sesame seeds, red dates and the like to make eight treasures porridge together, which can reduce weight and produce a feeling of happiness.

Eat more fresh blanched green leafy vegetables and some bean products, which will make people eat less greasy and full enough in their stomachs. Don’t eat sweets or drink sweet drinks, but drink yogurt and grain soya-bean milk, which also makes people feel satisfied with the taste.

Occasionally, if you want to eat strong food, as long as you don’t eat too much, it doesn’t prevent you from losing weight and can be combined into a healthy lifestyle.

For example, eating dessert once a month, hot pot twice a month and braised fish once a week is all right. As long as the daily eating habits are good enough, the occasional strong food will not significantly affect the great cause of weight loss. If you eat a little more at the party, you just need to add an hour or two of exercise in the next two days.

Since people have to fight against fat all their lives, only healthy weight loss methods can be sustainable. What we are looking for is to keep healthy and good figure for a lifetime, not to lose weight for a while at the expense of health.

Responsible Editor: Fu Ting