It only takes 4 steps to lose weight easily, and the most crucial step is…

The hero of the story was a loser before losing weight: he loved junk food, hated exercise, and was in poor shape and health. After realizing that obesity had seriously affected his health, he made up his mind to start losing weight. In only four steps, he successful three 40 kilograms of meat, which was a perfect counter attack!

Let’s take a look.

Step 1: Alcohol Abstinence

Don’t underestimate the calories of beer, which is called [liquid bread]. The carbohydrate content is not low at all, the nutrient density is low, and it is difficult to think of being fat.

Step 2: Control the amount of food

Originally, a full meal was divided into two meals: only half of the meal was eaten out, and the other half was packed home for another meal. The 1,400 kilocalories were divided into two meals of 700 kilocalories, and the calories were instantly reduced by half.

Step 3: … Lovelorn!

Was dumped by his girlfriend! She quickly threw herself into the arms of her new sweetheart, who was tall, handsome and in good shape.

In order to save his girlfriend’s heart, he decided to start losing weight, to be more handsome and in better shape than her new boyfriend!

Do high-intensity exercise

Start exercising. At first, I was not familiar with the use of all kinds of equipment. I could only lift a few pounds of dumbbells, which was not as good as the grandfather who was over 60 years old.

Adequate sleep

Sleep eight hours a day and greet each day energetically!

Study fitness theory

Begin to learn the correct posture of exerting force and make training plans for different muscle groups.

Adjust the diet structure

Fried chicken breast/salmon that can provide high-quality protein + various delicious green leafy vegetables are my favorite. I choose whole wheat bread, steamed corn and quinoa as my staple food.

Monday: Fried Chicken Breast + Boiled Asparagus

Tuesday: Chicken Breast Salad

Wednesday: Boiled broccoli & carrots + fried salmon

Thursday: Quinoa Salad + Fried Salmon

Friday: Chicken Breast Salad

Saturday: Boiled broccoli & carrots + fried salmon

Sunday: fried chicken breast + boiled green beans + corn carrot green bean salad

Make friends at the gym

Fitness has become a way of socializing. Friends made in the gym not only give useful equipment guidance, but also enjoy the process of each fitness more and more.

Suddenly one day, colleagues began to cast all kinds of compliments.

Ex-girlfriend Begins Active Contact with

Then… the new girlfriend I met at the gym, like-minded, started a new life.

Step 4: Don’t drink juice

A picture can illustrate this problem!