Lard is delicious to cook, but you really can’t eat more.

A bowl of simple lard mixed rice can often make picky gourmets cry.

For the Chinese, the glistening pot of lard in the refrigerator as a child may be an essential family delicacy. Whether it is rice, noodles, wonton, green vegetables… just add a spoonful of lard, and it can produce magical magic.

Lard, why do you smell so good?

Oil and oil are different. Lard has two main characteristics:

1. Unique aroma

In the age of material shortage, many meals will be filled with lard to enhance aroma. The full aroma of pork mainly comes from the decomposition products of some trace special proteins and glycerides.

Even the most common vegetables can become attractive with lard, such as oil residue pakchoi, which is really delicious!

2. High proportion of saturated fat

Lard contains up to 40% saturated fat, which looks as smooth as paste. There is enough saturated fat to blend oil with starch, cellulose, etc., and the taste will be more crisp and smooth.

Do you know how to make lasagna? A layer of pastry and a layer of oil.

Dr. Clove: I know lard is very fragrant in cooking (licking your mouth), but some people say lard has various magical effects and is a treasure for health preservation. This makes everyone understand that there is a deviation. Can you bear the responsibility?

Lard really can’t be eaten more!

Look at these online statements:

Experiments have proved that vegetable oil is more likely to produce carcinogens at high temperatures, while lard and coconut oil are much better.

In the past, people ate lard and had less heart disease. Now everyone has changed to vegetable oil and had more heart disease, so lard is better than vegetable oil.

Dr. Clove: Is that the conclusion that lard is healthier than vegetable oil?

1. The cooking temperature is reasonable, just use vegetable oil.

At high temperatures, most vegetable oils do produce many harmful substances. However, as long as you choose the right vegetable oil, such as olive oil, and control the cooking temperature (less frying and more stewing), you can effectively reduce the harmful substances.

2. If you really want to prevent heart disease, eat less lard.

Now people eat more, and there are more people who have no meat, no pleasure, no heart, no body and no body.

Although living conditions have improved and life expectancy has increased, cardiovascular diseases have become more and more common in recent years. This result is related to various unhealthy lifestyles, but it is definitely not due to eating vegetable oil instead.

Dietary guidelines in all countries recommend reducing the intake of saturated fat.

    If you really want to prevent heart disease, you should stop cooking with lard. You will eat a lot of saturated fatty acids and cholesterol. If the blood lipid itself is abnormal, you should stop talking and limit saturated fat.

If you compare lard with most common vegetable oils, for example, olive oil has a saturated fat content of 14%, while lard has a saturated fat content of 39%… nearly 3 times!

Doctor Clove: Considering health, eat less lard if you can, and eat less if you have to…

How much lard can you eat at most?

The Dietary Guidelines for Chinese Residents recommend that the intake of saturated fat should not exceed 10% of the total daily calories.

Let me help you calculate: the average adult woman needs about 1800 kilocalories a day, so saturated fat should be controlled within 20g; If it is all converted into lard, it is 50 grams.

It seems that the quota is quite abundant?

But lard is not the only one with saturated fat.

Meat, eggs, milk, nuts, biscuits, cakes and edible oil eaten every day all contain saturated fat. It is likely that lard will not be available before it comes on stage, which is far beyond the standard.

Lard mixed rice, onion cake, bacon and vegetable rice, eight treasures rice, lard/oil residue fried XXX … …… No matter dessert, salty, meat or vegetarian, lard can be available.

Lard is also indispensable to many traditional Chinese styles, whether it is layers of crisp cake crust or delicate and smooth stuffing:

Salty and delicious souffle, rose cakes with rich flower fragrance, and all kinds of moon cakes (cloud leg moon cakes are calling to me! ), budding glutinous rice balls…

Doctor clove: so if you have to eat… you can’t eat more anyway!