Love snacks and want to be healthy? We found an alternative for you

In a busy office, besides computers, paper and pens, snacks are the most common. For office workers, snacks can help us replenish energy, relieve anxiety and pass the time. They are really the best companions for rushing to write codes and working overtime.

However, have you ever paid attention to the nutritional ingredients of snacks at hand? In fact, there are hidden dangers in these snacks. If you don’t pay attention, you may satisfy your mouth but hurt your body.

Fried nuts with heart wrapped

Deep-fried nuts with crisp outer layer and strong inner fragrance are well-deserved snack eldest brother.

Key words of evil: high sodium, high sugar, high fat, high calorie, all four poisons

Evil Index:

All kinds of nuts and beans are fragrant, crunchy and nutritious. Many people will prepare one or two kinds in the drawer of the office. In addition to all kinds of original nuts, common ones include salt baked cashew nuts, amber walnuts, etc. Although salt and sugar intake will be increased after seasoning, it is not recommended to eat more, but the variety of [heart fried] is even more unhealthy.

What, you said you didn’t eat fried food? Are you sure?

Crab roe seeds, strange flavored beans, crab roe broad beans, garlic peas, spicy peanuts… They are all properly fried. Not only high sodium, high sugar and high calorie, but also various harmful substances that may be produced during high temperature frying.

The secret of their salty fragrance and crisp is here.

Taking the nutritional composition table and ingredient table of crab roe melon seeds as an example, although its calories are not much different from those of pure melon seeds (2 482 kJ and 2 572 kJ), crab roe melon seeds are additionally added with a lot of oil and sugar (vegetable oil and white granulated sugar are in the top 5 of the ingredient table) and a lot of sodium.

The crisp taste and fresh fragrance, unconsciously, you may have eaten the heat and salt of today’s dinner.

They are the healthy nut choices

Health Alternatives: Original (Low Salt) Nuts

Original nuts are rich in unsaturated fatty acids, dietary fiber, vitamin E, and rich in antioxidant substances, and have a good feeling of satiety.

However, it should be noted that nuts are quite high in calories (after all, the oil content is about 50%). The dietary guidelines recommend 50 g per week, so it will be less than half a day, and cooking oil will be reduced if there is more.

Spicy noodles

Key words of evil: off the charts with high fat, high energy and sodium content

Evil Index:

This is a magical food that has conquered the whole world and will make colleagues in the whole office look at it when opened. Its scientific name is seasoning flour products. It is not difficult to eliminate one bag in an afternoon.

Although the main ingredient is flour or soybean protein, the spicy taste and red and bright color mean that there is no less oil. Take one of the most classic brands as an example, the nutritional composition table is as follows:

The sodium content is so high that it really deserves it.

After calculation, after eating this 128 g bag of spicy noodles, you will eat 19% of the calories, 31% of the fat and 176% of the sodium in a day.

Mom, this is not only equivalent to eating half a meal, but also eating the salt of the past two days… … …

Health alternatives: dried meat, seafood products, such as dried beef, dried shrimps, etc.

This kind of product usually has more protein and less fat, and is especially chewy. One can grind for a long time! What is lacking in the United States and China is that the content of sodium is not low either, and the amount still needs to be controlled.

In addition, sweet and salty preserved meat and meat floss should be avoided. These varieties have high fat and sugar content and are easily uncontrollable.


Biscuits are crisp and delicious, but this delicious taste comes at a price.

Key words of evil: high sugar, high fat, high sodium, energy off the charts

Evil Index:

I didn’t eat breakfast when I was on the bus, I didn’t have time to order food after working overtime, and I was hungry in the middle of my work… At this time, a pack of biscuits is a full choice for many office workers.

However, from a nutritional point of view, biscuits are not the best choice for cushioning the stomach. Whether salty or sweet, they are mainly the combination of carbohydrate and oil, salty high sodium, sandwich sugar, coarse grain oil… In short, the nutrition is very uneven.

The fat content of this biscuit is as high as 33%, and one third of it is oil at one bite.

Health Alternatives: Oatmeal

Oatmeal is convenient to store and easy to eat. It contains sufficient carbohydrates, rich soluble fibers and B vitamins. It is not only healthy and full, but also can be matched with milk, nuts, etc. It is more nutritious and delicious.

This low-level [oatmeal] should be selected.

However, it should be noted that when choosing oatmeal, one should choose [oatmeal] with low processing degree, visible prototype and no sugar added. Don’t buy cereal that smells delicious, because this delicious cereal will add a lot of sugar and creamer, and like biscuits, it is unhealthy snack.

Preserved plum, preserved fruit

Are you already full of saliva?

Key words of evil: ultra-high energy, sodium content off the charts

Evil Index:

These two can be said to be the old qualifications in the snack industry, and they are definitely good partners to pass the time and save the lonely mouth. The sour and salty plum, which promotes fluid production and quenches thirst, and the sweet and sour preserved fruit, which is delicious and glittering and translucent, gee, just think about it, the salivary glands will begin to work.

However, although plum and preserved fruits are fruit and vegetable products, they all belong to candied fruits with deep processing degree and are not beneficial to health in what.

All kinds of preserved fruits, such as dried kiwi fruit, dried pineapple, candied jujube and preserved apricot, are also added with a large amount of sugar, and the heat cannot be underestimated.

In addition, the sodium content in plum is very high, one or two of them taste good, once you eat too much, you can’t put salt in the next meal. For example, like the following plum, the sodium content per 100g is as high as 2,800 mg, which is 1.4 times the amount of sodium a person needs in a day.

The sodium content in plum is very high.

Long-term excessive sodium intake will lead to how? It will lead to an increase in blood pressure. In the long run, hypertension will not be far from you.

Health Alternatives: Fresh fruits or dried fruits with low processing degree

The benefits of fresh fruit need not be said much, but the nutrition of dried fruit is often neglected. Although it is high in sugar, it concentrates the dietary fiber, minerals and antioxidant components in fresh fruit, which is the representative of [concentration is essence].

Common dried fruits are air-dried and freeze-dried. However, when we choose dried fruits, we should pay attention to distinguish them from [vacuum fried] products, such as banana slices and crisp fruit and vegetable slices. Although they are marked with [dried fruits], their crisp taste has exposed their unhealthy properties. The fat content of these fried [dried fruits] is above 15%, so don’t be fooled by them.

So, how should healthy dried fruits be selected?

At this time, we have to look at the ingredient list. If there are no sugar, grease and other ingredients in the ingredient list except fruits, healthy fruits are dried.


Key words of evil: ultra-high energy, tooth decay at home

Evil Index:

Gummy candy, marshmallow, fruit candy, milk candy… Colorful candy melts into silk sweetness in the mouth, making people feel happy and relieving work troubles and anxiety.

However, have you noticed the secret behind these colorful candies? Let’s take a look at the following candy.

Under the sweet appearance is a heart full of heat.

This is a common lollipop, the energy inside has reached 1 623 kJ/100 g. This small bag (50 g) of heat is almost the same as a small bowl of rice!

The little man also has high calories. Now he knows where the meat on his stomach comes from.

In addition, we should also pay attention to the fact that eating too much candy can easily lead to tooth decay.

Health Alternatives: Dark Chocolate

If you want to eat sweets very much, dark chocolate with high cocoa content is the recommended choice.

Cocoa is rich in antioxidants and is good for cardiovascular health. But that doesn’t mean you can eat it happily. Chocolate has more than 500 kcal of calories per 100 g, which is equivalent to the energy of a lunch!

Instant milk tea

Key words of evil: sugar and lipid are in power and hide from the world.

Evil Index:

Milk tea is silky, mellow, sweet and warm, accompanied by various snacks, which is definitely a good enjoyment during rest. Especially in winter, holding a cup of warm milk tea really warms hands, stomach and heart.

However, have you noticed the ingredients of instant milk tea?

Milk tea? Please call it a mixed drink of sugar and fat.

In most instant milk tea, there is not much milk and tea, but vegetable fat powder and sugar are the main ingredients.

After one cup, I drank more than 200 calories, mainly oil and sugar. The protein was pitifully low, and other micronutrients were basically absent.

Health Alternatives: Milk

Milk is rich in high-quality protein and is also a good source of calcium. Moreover, when you want to drink milk tea, use milk and black tea to pack your own DIY hand-made milk tea, which is mellow and cannot compare with Bigger and instant milk tea.

Lactic acid bacteria beverage

Key words of evil: sugar is more than milk, energy off the charts

Evil Index:

[Health and Probiotics] [Live bacteria moisten intestines], this should be the impression of many people on lactic acid bacteria beverages. However, regardless of the feasibility of supplementing probiotics through lactic acid bacteria beverages for the time being, many people have neglected one of the major health risks of such products-sugar.

A lot of sugar has been added to lactic acid bacteria beverages, which have already caught up with carbonated beverages.

The sugar content is no less than that of carbonated beverages.

So someone asked, why do you want to add so much sugar?

Because, lactic acid bacteria will produce a large amount of lactic acid in the process of fermentation, although harmless, but the taste is too sour to drink. In order to make the taste of the product acceptable to consumers, a large amount of sugar is indispensable.

In the general lactic acid bacteria beverage, the addition amount of sugar is 15 g/100 ml, so a bottle of 400-500 ml lactic acid bacteria beverage means at least 60 g of sugar and 240-300 kcal of calories.

Ah, it’s half a meal again.

Health Alternatives: Yogurt, and it is best to choose low-sugar ones.

On the one hand, eating less sugar is good for health. WHO recommends that the calories of sugar should be less than 10% of the total energy per day, which translates into 25 g or about 6 teaspoons of sugar for adults.

On the other hand, yogurt itself retains the nutrition of milk, and is friendly to lactose intolerant people, and the nutrients are easier to absorb.

How to choose healthy snacks?

After watching so much, some people will say, does this also make people unhappy to eat snacks?

Don’t worry, snacks can be eaten and eaten healthily.

Pay attention to these points when choosing snacks, so that you can eat snacks healthily ~

1. Try to choose fresh and natural varieties.

2. The processing level is lower, and it can be seen that the raw materials are the best in what.

3. Avoid pure energy varieties (such as biscuits and candies), and the amount of sugar, oil and salt will be less.

4. Either one should be in moderation and don’t eat snacks as food.