Not eating staple foods may make you lose weight faster, but these risks must be known.

Have you ever heard of [losing weight quickly without staple food]?

Have you ever heard of [Copenhagen Diet]?

Have you ever heard of [eating meat to lose weight]?

In the weight loss and fitness circle, a kind of weight loss method that relies on eating meat and fat is becoming popular in recent years. They also have a [Gao Da Shang] name: ketogenic diet.

What? Can you lose weight by eating meat and fat?

Sounds amazing, doesn’t it? Today, Dr. Clove unveiled the mystery of ketogenic diet for everyone.

Ketogenic diet is what?

In a nutshell, this [ketogenic diet], which you are obsessed with and legendary for weight loss, is a high-fat, low-carbohydrate and moderate-protein diet.

In a normal person’s diet, besides water, carbohydrate is the nutrient that you eat most every day.

According to the recommendation of the Chinese Nutrition Society, the amount of carbohydrate eaten every day should account for 55% ~ 65% of the total calories, that is, about 250 ~ 350 g.

However, in ketogenic diet, the amount of carbohydrate needs to be strictly limited. According to the degree of strictness, an adult can only eat about 12-100 g of carbohydrate a day, with the same protein as usual, and the rest of the calories are filled by eating more fat.

When the body does not get enough carbohydrates, it will metabolize fat instead of glucose to supply energy to the body. Ketone bodies will be produced in this process, which is why it is called “ketogenic diet”.

All kinds of [meat diet] [Copenhagen diet], which are very popular in the weight loss field, are actually variants of ketogenic diet.

Eating meat and fat to lose weight is actually very cruel.

Can meat and fat lose weight? This may seem wonderful, but in fact, ketogenic diet is a very extreme and cruel diet. Let’s feel it:

Step 1 Breakfast

    Normal: 1 cup of milk, 1 steamed bread, 1 egg, 10 small tomatoes. Ketogenic diet: 1 avocado, 2 fried eggs, 30 g cheese, 10 small tomatoes.

2. Lunch

    Normal: a bowl of rice, a plate of fried shredded pork with vegetables, a bowl of tofu and kelp soup. Ketogenic diet: a plate of fried pork (no sugar or thickening during cooking), a plate of fried poached eggs, a plate of tomatoes or a plate of fried vegetables.

Step 3: Snacks

    Normal: One fruit plus a handful of nuts. Ketogenic diet: less than half a bowl of nuts, no fruit.

These cannot be eaten:

Rice, noodles, pancakes, steamed buns, steamed buns, dumplings, tangyuan, wonton, corn, potatoes, sweet potatoes, ice cream, cakes, biscuits, desserts, sweet drinks and other foods containing starch and sugar, even drinking coffee, you cannot add sugar.

If you eat braised pork, I’m sorry, you can’t add sugar. Sweet and sour spareribs? You can only eat [vinegar ribs].

Tangyuan for Lantern Festival, chocolate for Valentine’s Day, green ball for Qingming Festival, candy for Children’s Day, zongzi for Dragon Boat Festival, moon cakes for Mid-Autumn Festival… You can only watch others eat.

These can be eaten freely:

All kinds of nuts, avocado, vegetable oil, lard, butter, cream.

These are edible, but not recommended:

Artificial sweeteners, such as aspartame, xylitol, etc.

For example, in a ketogenic diet, you cannot drink ordinary cola, but you can drink sugar-free cola.

Seeing this, are you really sure [ketogenic diet] is suitable for you?

Ketogenic diet can really lose weight.

As to whether ketogenic diet can lose weight, judging from the current research results, scientists say so:

Compared with a low-fat diet, ketogenic diet does have more advantages in losing weight within 2 years, but there is not enough data for us to understand the effect after 2 years.

The translation of adult words is:

If you need to lose weight in the short term, such as going to see male gods and goddesses in 3 months, then this ketogenic diet that eats less carbohydrates may be easier to lose weight successfully than a diet that eats less fat.

This may be due to:

    The weight lost is not only fat, but also part of the water lost in the body. A high-fat diet will inhibit your appetite, thus making you eat less. Few carbohydrates in the diet will deceive the body into [hunger mode], thus decomposing more fat for energy supply. The process of metabolizing fat and supplying energy by the body consumes more energy than directly supplying energy by carbohydrates.

However, it is not known whether ketogenic diet can help lose weight for a long time and maintain a healthy weight.

You must be aware of the risks

Seeing this, some people will say:

I just want to lose weight, even for a while, can I just follow this diet?

Wait a minute, before starting a ketogenic diet, you also need to know the risks and side effects it may bring:

1. Trace element malnutrition:

Solution: This problem can be partially solved by taking multivitamin mineral tablets.

2. Kidney stones

Solution: Drink plenty of water and take medicine when necessary

3. Constipation

Solution: Drink plenty of water and increase foods rich in dietary fiber.

Step 4: Weak, weak

Solution: No solution

5. Long-term May Reduce Bone Mineral Density

Solution: Ensure adequate daily calcium and vitamin D intake and do weight-bearing training properly.

These four kinds of people, don’t try ketogenic diet!

Any weight loss method has suitable and unsuitable people. The disadvantages of ketogenic diet far outweigh the advantages of the following three kinds of people. Never try:

    Pregnant women: Ketone bodies have harmful effects on the nervous system of the fetus and will affect the IQ of the baby. Children and adolescents: Ketogenic diet will cause growth retardation; People with weak kidney function (except when epilepsy is treated); Patients with type 1 diabetes.

In a word, do you recommend ketogenic diet?

Dr. Clove does not recommend people to blindly follow the trend and try ketogenic diet.

Before blindly starting ketogenic diet when your brain is hot, it is better to find a reliable nutritionist or the nutrition department of a regular hospital to evaluate whether you eat too many refined carbohydrates in your current diet (such as eating white rice and drinking too many sweet drinks), and whether the overall diet is suitable for calories, balanced and rich in nutrition.

In most cases, you don’t need to sacrifice so much delicious food, don’t need to bear the risk of ketogenic diet, and you can also lose weight healthily.

However, if you are healthy, don’t like staple food very much but [have no meat and no pleasure], and are very interested in losing weight on ketogenic diet, then you can consider trying in a short period of time, and you are happy ~